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Dear Style Studio,

My master is off my great room and I cannot figure out furniture placement.

I have to get all new furniture anyway, so I have too many decisions/options.

The long wall needs to be incorporated into the room.

Since I need all new furniture, I am open to everything!


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Since your long wall is the entrance to your room, we will need to be very subtle in how we incorporate it into the room. You don’t want to block this major traffic pattern.

After reviewing the images of your great room, we determined that the existing furniture layout is the best direction for this space.  With a few furniture tweaks, we think your space will be perfect.

Your long wall provides the ideal location for a stunning piece of artwork.

We recommend Storm Over the Marsh Giclee centered on the wall. The colors of this piece harken to your stone fireplace surround.

Now, flank this artwork on both sides with a tall mirror to reflect light into the room. Our Diamante Leaner Mirror is a fabulous option!

The last little idea that will “bring the long wall into the room” is to place a bench below the giclee. We suggest the Antoinette Bench … a great piece to pull closer when you need additional seating.

Heather W Collage

Our first suggestion for the conversational area is a great rug … how about our West Hampton in Charcoal? This rug will pull on the natural grey tones of your fireplace stones and also provide an anchor for the entire area.

Next we suggest adding our Baldwin Sofa slip covered in Velvet Camel and two Travis Chairs upholstered in Danish Oatmeal. Add a few throw pillows … how about using Document Ink for a couple of them?

At the corner where your chairs and sofa meet, we recommend adding our Olivia 30-inch Round Side Table. Then in front of the sofa add a couple of our Durham Bunching Tables. Because of the sturdy construction of the Durham tables, they are great for areas where you spend lots of time. Behind the sofa, bring in the Louis Metal Demilune for sophisticated storage.

We have helped you establish the structure of your space, now have fun finishing it out by pulling in personal accessories!

Happy Decorating!

The How to Decorate Team

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