Decorating An Itsy Bitsy Condo Living Room

Lisa B Collage

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Dear How to Decorate,

We are relocating and living in a condo for a year. Mom, dad, 14-year-old son and a golden retriever. Blessed to have a nice place, gas stove, beautiful bathrooms, and kitchen.

The kitchen/living room is small and no room for a table to eat. We will have to eat at the bar for every meal. This will be our entire living space outside the bedrooms.

The patio overlooks a busy street with a lot of traffic and noise although the doors keep most sound out.
Love blue green colors like turquoise, also browns, cream, white.

Help …


Condo Living Room

Condo Kitchen

Condo Kitchen

Throw Pillows


We want to help! Drawing from your inspiration colors and the finishes of your new condo, we have pulled together a few ideas for your new home.

Our first step is to purposefully place a smaller scale sectional centered in front of the fireplace.

For outstanding comfort and style, we recommend our Baldwin Chaise Frame slip covered in Twill Sand. A great little secret of this piece is that the slip cover is machine washable.

Splashes of your favorite color can be displayed with pillows made of Zara Turquoise, Canvas Turquoise and Azure.

Place under the sectional our Tory Dhurri Rug in the color Ink … a flat weave rug that displays simple design and is bold in color.

In front of the section we suggest adding the Bornova Coffee Table in the brown finish.

Lisa B Collage

The Family Tree Giclee is a beautiful piece of artwork that works beautifully in this room … hang it above the sofa or above a storage piece positioned to the right of the fireplace. The bold and sophisticated colors of this piece are incorporated all into one canvas.

We have two suggestions for additional seating in your space. For bar stools, we recommend our Marcello Bar Stool upholstered in Canvas Turquoise pulled up to the bar. Tucked in the corner near the French doors, we suggest adding in a Joslin Chair upholstered in Microfiber Cobalt.

One last tip is to add drapery panels on both sides of the double doors to help soften the harsh metal. Remember to add lamps to meet your lighting needs!

We think the infusion of stunning color into your space will provide you and your family a beautiful home just in time for moving day!

Happy Decorating!

The How to Decorate Team

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