Bay Window Decorating Confusion

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Dear How to Decorate,

First, I am not sure if this is a bay window or bowed window. Whatever it is, it continues to perplex me.

I can’t seem to think how to decorate this and it’s adjacent to my kitchen.

Also, my table here is smaller and I would like to be able to expand for entertaining but keep it small when it’s just hubby and me.

I would appreciate any advice!


Linda D 1


We think the furniture you place in your bay window can employ a dual function.

In this little space, we suggest centering an Alexander Side Table flanked by two of our Winged Chairs upholstered in Felicity Spa.

Combining these three pieces, you carve out a little reading nook for most days. And, when you have larger dinner parties requiring extra seating, the winged chairs are perfect to anchor each end of the dining table.

Now, as a final bonus in the bay window area, hang one of our Antibes Burlap Panels on each side of the opening.

Linda D Collage

The Farnese Dining Table is our recommendation for your dining needs. This great piece of furniture is 49 inches in diameter for daily dining but stretches to 97 inches for larger dinner parties. We think selecting one of the distressed finishes for this table will look spectacular in contrast to your existing comb back chairs.

Happy Decorating!

The How to Decorate Team

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