Accessorizing A Double Fireplace?

Dear Style Studio,

We bought a house that was built in the 80’s. We love the space and have slowly been bringing the house into the 21st century.

Whenever people come over they ALWAYS comment on our “double fireplace”- one fireplace and one wood storage “hole” (?) right next to each other!

Because the mantle extends over both and they are the exact same size, it truly looks like a double fireplace.

Good luck on this one!



Martha R 1

Martha R 3


What a unique fireplace installation! It is a fabulous conversation starter … fun!

Because your mantel has been constructed as one large piece, we suggest your approach the entire wall as one large fireplace.  One way of balancing the two open boxes is to have doors made for the left side opening.  This will allow you to store whatever you choose.  Another option is to consider placing two Darboux Fireplace Screens side-by-side. This will provide uniformity to the openings and draw your attention to the mantel.

Darboux Fireplace Screen

Next, accessorize the mantel by starting with one central piece … like our Twilight on the River Giclee. Your eyes will be drawn to the center of the wall providing a good focal point of the room.

Additional smaller accessories can be added around the single piece in order to finish the styling of your mantel.

Twilight on the River Giclee

It is always important to create a focal point in a room so that you are drawn into the space!

Happy Decorating!

The Style Studio Team

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