Incomplete Living Room Needs Final Touches

Dear Style Studio,

I would like to purchase chairs, window treatments, pillows, rug and a coffee table from Ballard Designs. I love the beach and want to incorporate a sea foam color in the room.

I have ordered many swatches from Ballard’s, but I can’t seem to decide on coordinating fabric for the chairs, pillows and window treatments.

I appreciate all your help!

Thank you,


Living Room Sofa

Living Room Windows

Living Room Mirror


We agree … we love the beach too! It is so relaxing especially with all the beautiful colors you can see! You have a fabulous start with your space so let’s add a few things to make it complete.

Every good room starts with a great rug. We suggest the Wool Jute Diamond rug. The colors are reminiscent of white shells scattered on sandy beaches.

Next place two of our Marissa Chairs, in Trilby Basketweave Seafoam, across from your sofa and then add in two Courbe Ottomans in Athena Mineral for a beautiful dose of the seafoam color. Nestle the ottomans under your window for extra guest seating.

Since you already have a white Lotus Garden Seat, it will be the perfect little gem placed between the two Marissa Chairs for your cocktail glass.

Karen G Collage

Place our Durham Cocktail Table in front of your sofa. This table has a fabulous finish that reminds us of driftwood on the beach. Another thought is to add our Malia Seeded Lamp to the right of you sofa so the scale of your lamps are in sync.

Add pops of color on your sofa with pillows in Bryn Mawr, Athena Mineral and Wyndham Stripe Mineral. Then add color above your sofa by flanking the existing mirror with a pair of our Shells and Linen prints. Perfect art subject for your space, don’t you think?

Finally, your windows need a subtle drape of linen. Nothing says “coastal” better than natural linen. Add a pair of drapery panels, in Danish Linen, to the windows for a subtle finish.

No matter how cool it is outside, you will enjoy your room since it will feel like you’re at the beach any time of the year!

Happy Decorating!

The Style Studio Team

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