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Dear How to Decorate Team,

I have a long wall in my living room that has a downstairs railing across from it.

I was thinking about using four Garden District mirrors on that wall with them centered to the railing but I’m am unsure of what to do with the space to the left of that.

Any ideas or other suggestions would be appreciated!


Long Wall


Because of the light fixture and switch plate on the wall, you will need to treated it as two areas.

Behind your table, try hanging a flat burlap drapery panel on a small black rod. This panel should be almost to the ceiling and then end right above the baseboard. Doing this will give a special space for your small table and also create a visual division for the larger wall.

Now place a single piece of artwork on the table and rest it against the burlap … don’t hang it. Consider the Symphony of Poppies Print as a great option.

Symphony of Poppies Print

Now hang the Garden District Mirrors on the rest of the wall but use the light switch and the wall corner as your left and right boundaries.

When you determine the hanging height the mirrors, consider the height of the iron work art piece. You don’t want the heights to compete with each other.

Another thought is to move the iron works piece and hang it above the mirror grouping.

Garden District Mirrors vertical white

Sometimes breaking up a large awkward wall into smaller “bite-size” pieces is better than tackling it as a whole. Have fun …

Happy Decorating!

The How to Decorate Team

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