Decorating A Large Master Bedroom

Hello Style Studio Team!

We moved into a new house in February and I have hit a decorating/room planning wall with my master bedroom.

It is almost too big. I could live with it being large if it was shaped differently. There is a defined sitting area but there is also another area that has a cable outlet directly across the room from our bed. However, the room is so large that any television that is on this wall is 26 feet from the head of the bed.

Right now our TV is on an old dresser in the middle of the room. There is at least five feet between the television and the wall.

I am fine with the current pieces of furniture in the room (minus the dresser that the TV is on). I have thought of making the sitting area an office, putting some sort of built in shelves in the space where the TV is but I am at a loss.

Attached are photos of the room.

1. Looking at sitting area from entrance into room. TV is to my left, dresser and bed to my right.
2. Bedroom door looking at bed.
3. Standing beside my bed looking at TV and door to bath
4. Standing in sitting area looking at bedroom door. Tv area is to the slight right.

Any suggestions as well as color combos, drapes, etc are a bonus!

Thank you!


Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom


A bit of experimenting, with a touch of creativity, can create a sanctuary.

Jenny S Floorplan

Let’s start with your bed … the focal point of every bedroom. To bring both height and color near the head, we like the idea of flanking your bed with our large Burton Etageres in brushed antique red. Your new side table will be functional and a unique piece of art. As a bedside lamp, use a Dolan Light Sconce on each side of the bed. Don’t forget a small shade to diffuse the light for evening time reading.

Jenny S Collage

Consider moving your love seat to the foot of your bed and then fill it with colorful pillows. This move would solve viewing problems with your television screen and would open up the perfect spot for a home office. Now, place our Figi Coffee table in front of the love seat as the nesting platform for aromatic candles and your favorite books. We also love this table because it introduces an organic touch to your retreat.

Jenny S Collage 2

Placing the television across from your bed will take a bit of construction work but we think your idea of building shelves is brilliant! We would take it a step further by suggesting two different possibilities. First option is to build a bookshelf on the bottom that is open to both sides of the room and then design a built-in on top for the flat screen television. You will be able to view the screen from the bed and by keeping the back side open, you could create a reading nook. Below is an example of the design we think would work on the front side facing the bed.

Built in tv example

The other option is to build a wall that has a recessed space to house a piece of furniture. Now in that recessed space, tuck a media cabinet for perfect television viewing. Consider our Slim Chadwick Media Armoir for this important task.

No matter which option you go with, a small extra “room” blossoms on the back side of the wall. You could utilize it as a cardio area with a treadmill or we have created a secluded library nook. We have accessorized this area with a couple of our Josephina Bookcases in Distressed Glazed Sage and the Lanae Slipper Chair wrapped in Velvet Apple. Your cup of tea will need a home so we have added the Compass Side Table in walnut for that purpose. Hanging on the wall behind the slipper chair, we suggest adding a mirror to reflect light into the space … the French Farmhouse Mirror is our pick.

We hope this provides a bit of inspiration and a good plan to turn your master bedroom into a cozy sanctuary. Your bedroom will be peaceful and invite you in to relax.

Happy Deocrating!

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