How Should I Organize My Pictures

Dear Style Studio,

I would like to hang three pictures over my couch. They have the same theme but they are different sizes. The bigger piece is 28 1/4″ wide by 22 1/4″ high and the two smaller ones are both 8 3/4″ wide by 16″ high.

The wall area (and couch) is 79 inches wide. My questions are, firstly, would it be OK to put the two smaller pieces on either side of the bigger piece and, secondly, how far apart should the pieces be? Or do you have another suggestion?

I thought that just putting the one bigger piece on its own was not enough as its a bit too small for that size wall.



Dear Susan,

When you have a collection of pictures, hanging them in a group will create purpose in how they are displayed.

We think hanging your three pictures together is the perfect plan. Use the frame width of the larger picture as your guide for spacing between the pictures. In order for your grouping look to connect to your sofa, don’t hang the grouping higher that six inches above your sofa.

Entomology Plaques Natalia Iron


Because of the height of your ceiling, we also suggest adding another piece across the top of the grouping … try our Natalia Iron Plaque or our Entomology Plaques lined up in row.

Happy Decorating!

Style Studio Team

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