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We have recently moved into a new home and are pretty much starting over on our decorating, which is fun but stressful! I would love some help finishing off our bedroom. I need some more decorative pillows for the bed that can add some color. Everything so far in the bedroom is very blue. I was thinking off adding maybe some dark brown to tie in the rug/benches? Also the duvet cover and coverlett on the bed are not cotton but a silky like material so I’m struggling with textures of decorative pillows! Also what could I put on the wall above the bed for decoration? Any advice would be so appreciated! Thank you Thank you!!


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The soft blue of your bedroom creates a restful room.  Very nice!  To enhance your bedroom we suggest  staggering 3 of the Suzanne Kasler Sunburst Mirrors above your headboard.  These will repeat the beautiful gold frame on your artwork.  For pillows, consider adding fabrics with texture instead of pattern.  We recommend stacking pillows in Velvet Indigo with Lorenzo Putty or Suzanne Kasler’s Linen Flax.  These fabrics create luxurious pillows and the Indigo will give you an additional color layer.  Having a bedside table in the correct scale will help with the overall presence of your room.  Consider adding our Dahlia Octagonal Side Table by your bed and then, for an unexpected twist of color, top the table with the Malia Seeded Glass lamp in Amber.

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