Aligning the Stars and Moon

Hi Style Studio!

Over the years, I have collected a number of different suns/moons — they’re all plaster, terra cotta or wood. Some are plain, some are multi-colored, some have mirrored sections and the sizes are all different. I think there are 15 in total.

In the past, I had them in different places around my living room, but now I was trying to put them all on the area above my fireplace which is 65 inches wide by 56 inches tall.

I am having a really hard time finding a pleasing layout because the sizes/colors are so disparate. Any general thoughts would be helpful. I can also try to send you a photo of the items if that’s helpful.

Trying to put them in some sort of order doesn’t seem to work and neither does a more random layout.

Thank you for any thoughts!


Wall plaque collection

Dear Vicky,

We love your idea of putting all your suns and moons in one place. Any collection of items gives a larger voice than if the treasures were individually scattered.

We suggest laying out a space on a flat paper surface on the floor.   One that is identical in size to your wall space. Now begin laying out each sun or moon within the space then shift them around until you have a layout that you love. This method provides some flexibility before putting the hole in the wall.

Another idea that we suggest is to make two collections … sun and moon. You could use the same method above in determining placement but with two locations. This could allow your collection some “breathing room.”

Hope these couple of tips help!

Happy Decorating!

The Style Studio Team

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