Lost in My Living Room by Lauren

Simple Cozy Layout

Dear Style Studio team,

For the past several years I have been sitting in a living room where I feel lost and unenthusiastic.

I’m having trouble figuring out what to do and where to go to transform this room into a place I love to be.

I have a few pieces that I’m really attached to but don’t know how to tie them into a great style.

Treasured piece #1: an heirloom painting of generations of my family’s Virginia farmhouse. Treasured piece #2: Baldwin sofa slip-covered in sage check print.

My house has a very open flow so the walls in the kitchen are the walls in the breakfast nook are the walls in the living room.

There isn’t much of a divide so I don’t know how to assemble a cozy and comfortable yet well-designed feel to this space.

And then I’m also clueless on paint color… Please help!






Thanks for sending the measurements. Based on those measurements, we have created a basic floor plan.

Before you make any major changes, move your existing furniture to the suggested floorplan locations. 

Next,  we suggest using craft paper or newspaper to cut appropriate size templates of the new pieces.  Place them on the floor to provide a good visual on how the furniture will fit in the space.

Lost in My Living Room

For our suggested new furniture pieces, we have a few cozy ideas for you.

If you already have pieces that are similar, simply substitute them for our suggestions.

To the right of the double window, we suggest the Torino Demilune (Tuscan Brown). Stack several existing pictures above this piece to finish it off.

Next, our suggestion for a round table between your sofa and a recliner is the Spool Side Table for an unexpected surprise.

You need shorter piece to the left of the fireplace on which you can place your flat screen television. One idea is the Tuscan Media Console in rubbed black. Once you receive the piece, spray a permanent frost (from Home Depot) on the inside of the glass. This will provide an airy look but still conceal the clutter.

As we move around the room, we suggest replacing your secondary sofa with a bookcase like Tuscan Large Center Bookcase (Tuscan Brown) or if you have an existing tall piece to balance out the height in the room from the fireplace.

In front of the bookcase, we suggest placing the Genoa Armchair (Distressed Basil Green). We think this will repeat the soft green color in your sofa to again balance the color in your room.

Place the Julian Apothecary Floor Lamp, behind the Genoa chair and then build a collection of existing pictures on the wall to the right of the chair. Spray all your picture frames black and wrap your matte board in burlap. Don’t forget a comfy pillow in the chair. This will create a perfectly cozy reading nook.

Your sofa and painting are the perfect color start for the rest of the room.

We suggest painting your wall a soft butter color that you can pull out of your painting. Try matching a paint swatch with a stick of butter. This will provide a nice contrast to the green in your sofa and painting.

Also keep in mind the stone on your hearth and fireplace surround when selecting the paint color.

After you have selected the wall color, select a couple of shades darker and paint your fireplace wall this chosen color.

The fireplace will have a different distinction and your special painting will pop against a darker color. A rug comes next and we suggest adding the Senneh Rug in 5′ x 8′ or Milanny Rug in 5′ x 7′.

Make sure to order a sample so you can verify the coloring against your sofa fabric. Add a couple of throw pillows for color like our Bee Pillow accompanied with a couple of essential pillows in a buttery color.

You might also enjoy a Herringbone Burlap Pillow because of its homespun feel. Flanking the fireplace, add two Upholstered Ottomans in either Callisto Green Stripe or in Burlap to repeat the Burlap pillows on the sofa.

To finish off your fabric selections, we suggest adding a trim or flat braid to your drapery panels for a fresh look. If you are not able to sew the trim on, you can use fabric glue.

Always keep in mind to repeat certain elements through the room to provide a cohesive look and style. In your room, we had four repeated elements we suggest you consider as you move forward. Soft green of your sofa, punches of black (like your drapery pole and the Bee Pillow), rich brown color and burlap elements.

We look forward to seeing the results and hope this offers to you an inspiration start to a cozy and relaxing living area.

Happy Decorating!

Style Studio Team

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