Living Room Disaster by Carmen

Dear Style Studio team,

I can’t figure it out on furniture placement. My entry faces a wall and I have two parallel walls that can be used. How can I configure my living room and make it cozy?



Living room from doorway

Living room to kitchen

Living Room wall

Dear Carmen,

Working with the architecture of your room, it appears you have the best layout. We have provided you with a simple layout to clarify a few suggestions we have to put the comfy in your space.

Simple Cozy Layout

A more structured sofa with a tailored slipcover is a great place to start. Toss plenty of fluffy pillows on your sofa … mixing prints and solids. Next, we recommend adding an easy side chair upholstered in a print fabric like Samara Spice Suzani.

Marissa Chair Samara Spice Suzani

Finish off your area by adding a round table with a burlap tablecloth topped with a lamp for generous lighting. Try using a larger rug to better define your space.

Dehaviland Distressed Black

You might consider placing the Dehavilland 2-drawer console at your front door to provide a stronger sense of entry.

Any area can feel more relaxed and comfortable by adding a collection of your favorite books. Pull all of your favorites in a corner bookcase to give your unused corner a purpose.

The last recommendation from our team is to add a couple of Leather Poufs as extra seating for your unexpected guest.

By building on a simple layout, a room can be refreshed by refining all the elements that are currently in place and then adding a handful of inspired and intentional pieces to provide an unexpected surprise.

Happy Decorating!

Studio Style Team