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I’ve lived in my home since November of 2012. The Christmas decorations seemed to fit nicely … but, I’m lacking inspiration on how to decorate it now that the holidays are over. Please help!!


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What a  great little corner for cozy nights by the fireplace.  Observing your decorations, it appears that you enjoy a bit of whimsy.  With the shadows that fall towards the back of the corner, we recommend using Suzanne Kasler French Bisque Lamp sLIPS  to keep the area light and classic.  Then to add a whimsical feel, cover a handful of hardback books in your favorite patterned paper.  Don’t forget to include at least 2 wrapped in an apple green paper to repeat your ottoman color.  Use the covered books to randomly stack around the Lamp Slips.  To finish off, remember to add a couple picture frames with a photo of your favorite “someone” in them.

For a more traditional approach, we recommend finding a beautiful large charger standing on its side with a plate stand.  Cover your hard books in more traditional paper and finish it off by nestling the Lamp Slips around the base of the charger.

To help add a reflective finishing touch to this area, we recommend adding 3 or 5 of the 6” Talara Mirrors.  Hang the mirrors in a row above your fireplace opening.

We hope that these suggestions will provide you inspiration to fully enjoy your space all year round.

Happy Decorating!

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