Will My Bookcases Clash With The Cabinets?

Bookcases and Kitchen cabinets

Dear Style Studio team,

I’ve just discovered your website and I really like it. You can find really helpful guidance and instructions that make sense!

My living room, dining area and kitchen is all one open room. I think I would like to paint my living room book cases white just to lighten the area.

I am afraid, since it is all an open area, that the white cases would clash with the cherry kitchen cabinets. Would they?

Also, look at the fireplace, what color?

I hope I’ve attached the pics appropriately.

Bookcases and Kitchen cabinets


Hi Wanda,

We are thrilled you have found our website and hope it will provide decorating assistance to you for all your Design Dilemmas.

We don’t think that painting your built-in cabinets would clash with your kitchen cabinets.

Even though you have an open concept with your layout, the sitting area appears to have a slightly different personality along with an architectural break in your wall.

You might want to consider a light, neutral color of paint for the back wall of your cabinets, say the background color of your sofa, and then paint your cabinets and fireplace mantel a soft white.

Happy Decorating!

Style Studio Team

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