How To Coordinate Patio Cushion Colors

Dear Style Studio team,

I am getting ready to order patio cushions from Ballard but I’m having trouble deciding what I need.

I’m using Arden Black cushions on the patio dining chairs and the lime green accents pictured in your catalog along with canopy stripe on the chaise lounges.

I have two additional club chairs but I can’t decide what material do use for those cushions.

All chairs are within eyesight of each other. Also, I am doing a lime green umbrella.

Thank you for your help.



Patio Furniture  Patio Furniture 1









Dear Judy,

Since it appears that the chaise lounge chairs and the additional club chairs will be separated, we recommend putting the club chairs in Black and Sand Canopy Stripe. 

To create a nice balance of pattern, we suggest adding pillows to the chairs in the Arden Black. 

Make sure you add some fabulous green fringe to your pillows to create some flirty fun! 

The pillows will also add a touch of custom to your outdoor space.

Happy Decorating!

–The Style Studio team

Black and Sand Canopy Stripe

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