Decorating with Throw Pillows

Throw pillows

Throw pillows are every decorator’s best friend – and with good reason! They’re an easy and inexpensive way to instantly update the look of a room. Change them out with the seasons or whenever the mood strikes. They provide a splash of color, added comfort, and a generous dose of style, all throughout the house.


On the Sofa

Is your style modern, eclectic or transitional? Try an odd number of pillows. A group of three or five in a mix of sizes and shapes will add the most visual appeal. Modern sofas are often lower and more streamlined, so your ideal pillow size may be around 18”-22” or so. Larger pillows add more impact, but just make sure they don’t overwhelm your sofa or interfere with comfortable seating.

Is your style more traditional? You might prefer the symmetrical balance that comes from matched pairs of throw pillows (one or two sets) placed on either end of the sofa. Traditional sofas tend to be larger in scale, so pillows about 20”-26” in size usually work best. If you’re using two pairs, get them in different sizes and position them with the larger pillows on the outside.

No matter your style, don’t be afraid to play around with different textures, patterns, and details. Use your room’s color palette as a guide to blend solids with prints in various scales. Mix nubby needlepoints in with smooth silks. And incorporate elements like piped trim or monogramming for a custom touch. You’ll be adding color and interest while creating a look that is uniquely yours.

Throw Pillows On The Bed

On the Bed

Here’s a place where the “how many is too many” question comes up a lot. While some think having a lot of pillows on the bed creates a feeling of luxury, others find a Spartan approach more restful. It’s largely personal preference, though most agree you shouldn’t let pillows dominate your bed. Keep their number and size in proportion with the scale of the bed, and arrange them with the largest in back. A tried-and-true approach is to layer two or three Euro-style pillows behind two standard pillows with a throw pillow or bolster in front.

Living Room Area

Around the House

One of the best things about pillows is that you can put them practically everywhere. Use lumbar pillows to improve the look and comfort of occasional seating in the living room, your desk chair in the office, and the chairs at the head of your dining table. Place a few throw pillows on a bench inside your front entry and add one to a vanity stool in your bathroom. You can even keep a big basket filled with cushy, oversized pillows to toss on the floor for movie-night lounging.

Throw Pillows Outside

And Outside, Too

Use weather-resistant throw pillows to make your outdoor living spaces as inviting as your interiors. Don’t settle for the generic, matching pillows that came with your furniture – you can find high-quality indoor/outdoor pillows in every imaginable color and design, and even with unexpected details like ruffles and fringe. They’ll make your chaise ultra-relaxing, your fire-pit seating extra-cozy, and your al fresco dining even more tasteful.