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Dear Style Studio,

I need help decorating my walls.

The room is 26 feet long x 12 feet wide and is used as both a living room and dining room.

As you can see I’ve already purchased a few of Ballard Designs’ beautiful prints, but I need to put something on the adjacent walls.

I’m considering taking down the grouping of botanical prints over the server and replacing it with the Grande Bouquet Plaque.

I’m also considering purchasing the Tahira Rug for in front of the sofa.

Any advice you could provide would be greatly appreciated!




Dear Janie,

Thank you so much for your recent design dilemma.

We love placing the Tahira Rug in front of your sofa. We think it will add a richness to the living room. Another thought is to put some Ballard Essential Pillows in Crimson Twill and Sage Linen on the sofa for a pop of color.

We noticed the lamp on the side of the sofa and feel that it is not in the same color family, so our suggestion is to perhaps use it elsewhere and replace it with a Cote d’Ivoire Table Lamp in antique cream.

To better define your dining area have you thought of hanging a chandelier?

Try looking at the Feuille 3-Light Chandelier.

We love the Grand Bouquet Plaque but think it might be a bit too much above your server.

Our Louis Sunburst Mirror would be a great choice. With the server directly across from a window, the mirror above it will reflect the light back into the room.

Yes we did notice the mirror to the left of the dining window.

We would like to replace it with a set of 3 Entomology Plaques in bronze, placed one on top of the other.

Perhaps you could use the mirror in another part of the house.

The Provencal Pedestal Urn placed in the center of your dining table filled with lemons or green apples will finish off the look.

We know we threw you a couple of curve balls, but we are hoping that you will take a look at our suggestions and visualize the final look.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

And, send us some pictures of the finished project.

We would love to show the before and after shots.


The Style Studio Team

1. Tahira Rug 2.Cote d’Ivoire Table Lamp 3. Feuille 3-Light Chandelier 4. Louis Sunburst Mirror 5. 3-Entomology Plaques 6. Provencal Pedestal Urn


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    May 2, 2018

    I think putting plates instead of frames on wall is a good idea.

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    Style Studio Team

    May 7, 2010

    Frances: Everyone has different design styles and we applaud the difference. It makes our jobs interesting.
    The Style Studio

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    Frances Davis

    May 6, 2010

    I don’t really have a comment but the color scheme seemed to be monochomatic. It doesn’t do anything for me. Maybe upholster a chair will help to break up the monotomy.