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Dear Style Studio Team,

After two years of living in my new home, I’ve finally decided to decorate it. My design dilemma is all the dark furniture and dark woven wood shades that I’m waiting to be delivered. I need help decorating around these dark pieces. I need accessories, chandelier and other suggestions to enhance the look of this room. I’m currently looking at wall pieces for my breakfast area and love the 3-piece Grand Palais mirror with Dorchester 3-seat bench placed under the mirror. Since i have high ceilings, I’m hope this will be a good idea.

A primary consideration is how these accessories will flow into my living room decor, which is still unfinished and attached to my breakfast room. My living room walls are an orange terracotta color.

I welcome any suggestions. Thanks in advance.



Dear Brenda,

We really love your idea of teaming up the Grand Palais Mirror and the Dorchester 3-Seat Bench. Try adding a Farmhouse Cushion in small black check for that added custom feel. You may have waited for two years, but when you finish, it will look fantastic.

We reviewed your pictures and have a few suggestions to complete your look. Our thought is to place the Seagrove Indoor/Outdoor Rug under the dining table to anchor the room. Next, we think a single small black check panel on each side of the window mounted as high as possible. Our Chases 4 Light Chandelier would look fabulous over the table.

Moving into the living room, we would love the bordered zebra rug centered in front of the entertainment area. And let’s repeat the small black check panels on each end of the windows to soften the look and help tie the two rooms together. Our Olivia Side Table placed in between the leather chairs will work well. Art is such a personal issue, we are giving you a couple of choices for above your sofa. We love the Horses at Rest Print, but if you like a more contemporary look the Warmth Abstract has great texture and color. On the top shelf of the entertainment area, we would love to see the Button Wall Mirror Leaning behind the two stacked photos on the right. And to finish off the look, adding some Limited Edition Garden Gate Pillows should give you the look you have been waiting for. Please send us some photos of your progress. We know we have handed you a “long range” plan, so have fun with it! Don’t forget to keep us updated!

The Style Studio Team


The Breakfast Room

1.Seagrove Indoor/Outdoor Rug 2. Chases 4 Light Chandelier 3.Small Black Check Panel

The Living Room

4.Button Wall Mirror 5. Horses at Rest Print 6. Warmth Abstract Print 7.Limited Edition Garden Pillows 8.Bordered Zebra Rug 9.Olivia Side Table


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