Living Room Accessories

Living Room AccessoriesQuestion:

I just love my new furniture from Ballard. I would just like a little help with the accessories. I can’t seem to decide on what to add to my new living room.



Dear Alicia,

We just love what you have done with your living room! But we know how difficult it is to put those finishing touches together, so here are a few suggestions that may help.

Our first thought is to add a bit of dimension in the room by adding Off White Twill Panels on the windows. They will add a lot of warmth to the room while maintaining that chic finished look. Our Terrific Trio Table covered with an Arden Chocolate tablecloth placed on the right side of the sofa would add some substance. Move the existing floor lamp to the other side of the sofa.

Perhaps you can find another place in the house for your small wrought iron table – it seems a bit awkward beside the sofa. We chose the Cesson Table Lamp to go on the Terrific Trio Table. Add a few antique books stacked and a couple of candles to finish the look. The black wood chest on the accent table appears to be a bit large for the table; try moving it to the coffee table.

You have a lot of glass accessories. Select a few choice pieces in a grouping of three for the bookcase to create more of an impact. Editing your accessories can be difficult, but if you look at our Bourdonnais Shelving online as a guide. We would like to see some off white accessories on the shelving – maybe some bookends or an architectural piece.

Just remember that it is better to have a few substantial pieces than a lot of smaller ones. nd last of all try adding a few Toffee Check Throw Pillows to your sofa for a welcoming feel. Whether you use some of our suggestions or all of them, we think you have a beautiful room that just needs some tweaking. Please send us some photos when you are finished. We love sharing the photos with our readers.

The Style Studio Team

1 – Terrific Trio Table * 2 – Cesson Table Lamp * 3 – Toffee Check Throw Pillows

Living Room Accessories

Posted 2/18/10

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    Roberta Leary

    April 28, 2010

    Looking to do sofa in sand twill and 2 chairs in off white twill. Does it matter if the sofa is in the darker color and chairs the lighter color or visa versa. Also, does the rug color of St. Tropez customized rug with black trim match proproperly with the sand twill? Thank You