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Oversized BedroomQuestion:

My bedroom is oversized and the space is not utilized properly. I would like to have a sleeping area, as well as a reading corner and a place to use the computer. I lose a lot of wall space because of all the doors.



Dear D,

Wall space is a problem with all the windows and doors in the room, but here are some ideas to maximize your use of space. We drew up a floor plan for you. Although it is not to scale since as we did not have the dimensions of the room, we think it will work.

Let’s begin. Some re-arranging and elimination of excess furniture will provide you with the look and feel you desire. We hope you can live without the glass top column console. Perhaps you can move it to another room in the house. As you can see by the floor plan, we moved the end tables to sit under the windows beside the bed. We also moved your chaise lounge to the opposite side of the room to create a reading area, and added a small side table (our Ethan Tray Table is a good choice). If you feel the chaise is too large, you can always change to an upholstered chair – like our Stratford Chair.

We also replaced your desk and file cabinet with our Verona Office Armoire. At 38 1/4″ wide, it has a small profile but should house all of your office equipment. But at the end of the day when you close the doors, you will have a beautiful piece of furniture to look at. As for the office chair, we chose the Louis Oval Back Side Chair to sit against the wall when not in use.

We do hope that these suggestions will help solve your dilemma as well as make your bedroom a comfortable retreat. Please let us know if you have any further questions, and let us know how things work out for you.

The Style Studio Team

1 – Ethan Tray Table * 2 – Stratford Chair * 3 – Verona Office Armoire * 4 – Louis Oval Back Side Chair

Oversized Bedroom

Posted 2/18/10

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