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As you can see from the Vintage Vogue Sofa & Loveseat and the Avignon Dining Set, I am a big fan of Ballard Designs. I need some direction in what to do for window treatments, the big wall above the couch, and finishing touches in general. The ceiling is very high, but the room is quite narrow.

I was planning on putting a tall tree to the left of the couch. (The little red rocking char is there temporarily because we needed more space in the adjacent playroom.) The kitchen/den area is predominently deep red, so I was thinking I had to add red accents to the living room. However, I am not married to the color. Any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you!


Dear Kerri,

What a great space to work with. Even though we are a “little prejudice”, we think your choice of our Vintage Vogue Sofa & Loveseat and Avignon Dining furniture looks terrific! All you need now are the finishing touches for a spectacular room. Our suggestions start with your windows. You definitely need drapery panels to soften the linear lines, and our Matignon Silk Panels in Natural will add another dimension to the room. We think a panel at each end and two middle panels will work. Instead of the blinds, you might want to think about using natural bamboo roman shades as an alternative treatment.

On either side of your dining room armoire, try adding two of our Whimsical Butterfly Prints on either side of the armoire placed one over the other. Each of the prints has a pop of red, and by adding some red dishes and pottery in your armoire, everything should tie together. To give your dining room table that French flair, we suggest our Burlap Covered Demijohns – all three sizes placed in the center of the table.

Moving over to the living area, we would love to see a Terrific Trio Table  covered with a Bark Twill cloth on the right side of your loveseat. That area can certainly use more ambient lighting, and by adding our Cesena Balustrade Table Lamp Base with a Burlap Shade, you’ve created a great place to curl up with your favorite book. You can add pops of red with some leather bound books and some family photos matted in red and cream.

What are your thoughts on adding an area rug in front of your sofa? Our thoughts are to add the Le Poeme Rug in Chocolate to carry the French theme over to the living area. Our new Carre Elm Cocktail Table has a rustic but open look, keeping the style relaxed and inviting. As far as accessories for the table, we love the Arnoux Wooden Pots in Red and Black, and of course a large bowl of red apples placed on the table always welcomes guests. Because of the expanse of wall above the sofa, we suggest our Napoleon Premier Giclee Print centered above. It is a great size, and yet does not overpower the space. We love your idea of adding a tall, living tree to the left of your sofa. It will add height and balance to the room. And our last element is adding that extra pop of red with pillows custom covered in our Red Petite Fleur-De-Lis Fabric by the Yard.

We hope that we have given you some ideas on finishing your room. We would love to know if you feel we are on target with the look you are trying to create, so any feedback would be appreciated. Please send some pictures after you complete your project. We would love to feature them on Style Studio!

The Best of Luck,
The Style Studio Team

Posted 8/4/09

Windows Galore

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