How to Accessorize our Tuscan Bookcases

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Tuscan Bookcases – Not Just for Books Anymore

Our Tuscan Bookcases create a real presence in a room, so decorating them can be daunting and a little scary. Here are some tips on making your Bookcases come alive with style and interest.


  • Don’t overload the shelves with books. Keep the paperbacks stored elsewhere. Try placing art and selected leather bound books with the largest ones on the bottom shelves and smaller volumes toward the top.
  • Try to arrange the books, not only standing end to end, but stack books vertically as well. You can use a stack as a bookend for added impact.
  • Try placing the books in groups of five or ten. It adds visual interest and keeps the bookcase from becoming repetitive.
  • Make sure the books don’t line up shelf after shelf. Place some to the right of the shelf, and on the next shelf try splitting two or three books on the left and the right.




  • Mix some eye-catching pieces on the shelf with your books. Collections always create great impact. Keep the collection grouped together. This will insure greater interest and panache.
  • Always use odd numbers when placing accessories – one, three, or five items works very well.
  • Stagger the heights of the objects you are using. For example, for a collection of 5 mismatched silver candlesticks, place the shorter ones in front and angle a few for additional personality.
  • Try not to place similar objects in a straight line. Accessories that are the same height and likeness can look very staged and boring.
  • Add some light to your bookcases. Mirrors that lean against the back of the shelf with a favorite object d’art in front of it can make the bookcase come alive. Don’t be afraid to add some glass or silver to make things shine.
  • You don’t have to fill every shelf. Leaving one or two blank can add additional interest. You can also remove a shelf or two leaving space for some taller accessories like avintage vase.
  •  Take time and stand back, if it doesn’t look right, re-arrange it.


Tuscan Bookcases

On the next page are some Ballard Accessories we think will transform your Tuscan Bookcases from utilitarian to spectacular. Don’t be afraid to experiment with placement, and try changing the accessories seasonally for a fresh new look. Redecorating your Tuscan Bookcases can change the entire look of the room for little money and very little effort.



Here is a list of accessories that we feel will breathe new life into your Tuscan Bookcases. Try a few and see what a difference a few well chosen accessories can make.

Horse Giclee PrintFrench Horse FigureStanding WordMalu Seagrass Box Frienze Grand UrnDemijohnsClay VillageMilk Can Glass Canisters

Provost TrayPreserved Boxwood TopiarySantos HandsPorcelain Potted Flower

Ferris WheelFrienze Bowl Mirrored Heron PrintsFrog Shelf Sitter



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