Beautiful but Blah


I love, love my house and the floorplan. However, I need help to decorate these big blank walls and spaces. Please help.


Beautiful but Blah


Dear Kelle,

We are happy to give you some decorating suggestions for your beautiful home. It can be a very difficult task making such a large and open space look warm and inviting. Sometimes if the space seems too overwhelming, paint the walls a deep color and paint the ceiling one to two shades lighter then the wall color to make the space seem cozier.

We can give you some general ideas to get you started. Let’s begin with the foyer area. A large arrangement or object d’art placed on the round table can fill a lot of vertical space. A rectangular rug placed under the table will also help to ground the space. The recessed wall behind the piano can be painted three shades darker than the rest of the walls to create a focal point. A large print or decorative mirror, like our Sunburst Wood Mirror, would look fabulous above the piano. Try placing a large vase with tall reeds on top of the piano to create a focal point in the foyer. Curved walls present their own issues when it comes to hanging art. If you choose to hang prints on the curve, we recommend a series of 3 or more smaller prints, such as our Leaf Impression Prints. If you go onto Style Studio under Decorating 101, you will find two articles on how to hang wall art and wall decor. We think both articles will really help you with the placement and hanging.

In your family room, hanging drapery panels at each end of your bay windows will add warmth and introduce some color and texture. Mount the panels as close to the ceiling as possible to help balance out the space. Choose a color from your area rug for the panels, perhaps our Jardin Vinge Panels will work, and coordinate it with some accent pillows in coordinating colors – sage check, chocolate twill, apple velvet – on the sofas. Try placing our Benedetta Console behind your sofa. We think it would really help anchor your furniture. If you place a couple of Bronze Chartres Buffet Lamps on the console; not only will it help balance the room, but it will provide you with additional lighting source.

Our Morgan Cocktail Table placed in front of the sofa can provide extra storage, while a Terrific Table with a Burlap Tablecloth placed between the sofa and chair rounds out the look. As far as art for the walls, one of our favorite pieces is a very large document print called Napoleon Premier Print, which would fit perfectly. Another option is our Custom Soliloquy Prints, which will bring in added interest.

We do hope that we have given you some direction to follow when thinking about purchasing the finishing touches for your beautiful home. If you have any additional questions, just drop us a line and we will be happy to give you any additional information. Of course, we would love to post some pictures when you are finished.

The Style Studio Team

Posted 7/31/09

Beautiful but Blah

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