Overwhelming Great Room

Overwhelming Great RoomQuestion:

Hi Ballard,

Hoping you can help me with my great room. It’s taken 2 years to get this far. The room is about 20 x 25 feet with 25 foot ceilings at the highest point. I’d love some advice on what to do over the mantel and next to the built-in units.

I ordered your Zinc Letters to spell out FAMILY over the mantel but have only unpacked the F…I’m not sure it’s the right thing.

Many thanks,


Dear Rebecca,

Decorating a large space can be an overwhelming task. The scale and number of the pieces you choose becomes very important. They need to be large enough to hold their own in a big space.

Although you did not mention the placement of the furniture, are you happy with it? Sometimes, when you are trying to decorate a large space, one of the pitfalls is to fill it with furniture. We really feel there is too much furniture on one side of the room. We suggest moving one of the club chairs and the ottoman to another part of the house, perhaps creating a “quiet space” in the master bedroom. Now try moving the other club chair angled into the room on the right facing corner between the fireplace and the built-ins. Place the ottoman in front of the chair. The floor lamp should be moved to flank the club chair by the window. This will help to make the room appear less heavy and more balanced. Your fireplace now becomes the focal point of the room.

Overwhelming Great RoomWe do think your idea of FAMILY spelled out in our Zinc Letters is terrific. Have you thought about centering them over you’re your built-in unit? Hanging them above the middle cabinet will help balance the space.

As far as the mantel piece, we think the Pruvost Plaque hung above a large print would create a space filled with style and add a pop of color. The large print that we suggest is Apples in Red Bowl by Nicole Etienne. Its warm color palette would compliment your decor. The repetition of the lettering on the Pruvost Plaque above the print helps the room’s art work tie together nicely. For additional color, why not add a few red pillows and place a large bowl apples on the coffee table?

Your Great Room has amazing potential. It is warm and inviting and with very few changes, we think it can become the space your have been dreaming of. Please forward some pictures of the completed room. We would love to share your sense of style with the rest of our Ballard Family.

Best of Luck,
The Style Studio Team

 Apples in Red Bowl Print  Pruvost Plaque  Zinc Letters
Apples in Red Bowl Pruvost Plaque Zinc Letters

Posted 7/14/09

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