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Blah Living RoomQuestion:

Hi! I need your help. How can I turn this living room into something spectacular? I love Ballard products. As you can see, I already have the Levanto 3-Seat Bench and the Chianni Trestle Table. When I have guests over, I use the bench for extra seating at the table.

I need help accessorizing. I would like to put panels on each side of the French doors and on the window by the table to give it some uniformity, but I need some suggestions on which ones. Also, I need end tables, lamps and prints for the walls. Please help! The fabric on the Parsons Chairs is black with red, blue, green and gold accents. (I know it’s hard to tell by the pictures.)

Thanks in advance for any advice you are able to give me.

Thank you,

Blah Living RoomAnswer:

Dear Jen,

The Style Studio Team met to discuss your Design Dilemma and have come up with a few suggestions to make your room come alive. You have a great start to the room, but it lacks the finishing touches needed to complete your look. We do think color is a key element in making a statement. The team started with your windows. We think our Apple Velvet Panels hung close to the ceiling will give you a pop of color and texture.

Our next project is the seating area. We need to pull the color through the room. We chose the Whitney Rug in Natural/Green to be placed in front of the sofa to anchor the space. The Preston Coffee Table in Rubbed Black will soften the look and yet make a statement at the same time. The Whimsical Dragonfly Prints hung above your loveseat will add another pop of color. To the left of your sofa (facing), we added a Terrific Trio Table with a Sage Green Check cloth and our ever popular Cote d’Ivoire Table Lamp in Antique Ebony. Completing the look on the other side of the loveseat, we added the Ethan Tray Table in Rubbed Black and the matching Cote d’Ivoire Floor Lamp in Antique Ebony. Adding a few leather bound books and a flowering plant to the accent tables, and placing two Jute Covered Demijohns in green on the cocktail table should give you the stylish new look you are wishing to achieve.

Blah Living RoomThe wall between the Dining Room and the French Doors will receive special attention when you hang the Jacques Fontaine 30”Diam Clock as a focal point. Try placing three of our Burlap Covered Demijohns centered together on the dining table. This will add additional interest and make the living and dining space work as one. If you have any additional fabric from the dining room chairs, making a few accent pillows for the sofa and love seat would be a nice touch. If not, Ballard has a wonderful selection of Ballard Basic Pillows in matching and contrasting fabrics, or you can choose our Limited Edition Bespoke Pillows as another available option.

Moving on to the TV wall, try centering the TV cabinet on that wall which will, in turn, help to balance that side of the room. By moving the Levanto Bench just a bit more to the right, it will open up the corner and provide space for one of our Toulon Planters in Green. Placing a wonderful live tree (at least as high as the mirrors) in the planter should finish that side of the room.

All in all, we hope that our suggestions give you a guide to follow in finishing your living/dining space. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us. Don’t forget to send pictures so that we can show our Ballard family the finished product.

The Style Studio Team

Blah Living Room

Featured Products:
1 – Apple Velvet Panels
2 – Whitney Rug
3 – Preston Coffee Table
4 – Whimsical Dragonfly Prints
5 – Terrific Trio Table
6 – Cote d’Ivoire Table Lamp
7 – Ethan Tray Table
8 – Cote d’Ivoire Floor Lamp
9 – Jute Covered Demijohns
10 – Jacques Fontaine 30”Diam Clock
11 – Burlap Covered Demijohns
12 – Limited Edition Bespoke Pillows
13 – Toulon Planters

Posted 7/13/09

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