Fireplace Cabinet Dilemma


Fireplace Cabinet DilemmaMy design dilemma is the TV cabinet over the fireplace. The former owners had the doors faux painted to appear as a work of art. Our TV is not in the cabinet; however, we do need to be able to open the doors as we store games and puzzles for my small children in the compartment. I want to return them to the color of the trim in the room but I am not sure what do after that. Placing accessories on the mantel is not a real option as I need access on a regular basis and don’t want to have to move things. Other options I have considered include adding iron work to each side, but I have had trouble finding pieces that are long/narrow enough or hanging a picture attached to only one side/door so I can open the doors and not have to re-hang the picture each time. Please help.


Purvost PlaqueAnswer:

Dear Beth,

Thank you for your design dilemma. Your cabinet above the fireplace is a difficult issue, access to the interior of the cabinet is essential and yet it is a focal point in the room. If you do not like the painting on the doors, returning them to the original trim color is the best solution.

Our recommendation is to make the cabinet less of a focal point and draw the eye in another direction. We think our Pruvost Plaque hung above the cabinet doors will draw the eye Tonnerre Sconceupward. Another suggestion would be to add our Tonnerre Wall Sconces on either side of the cabinet for visual interest. In summarizing, painting the doors the trim color and adding the plaque and sconces should achieve a sense of balance and maintain access to the cabinet. Let us know how things work out. We would love to see a picture of the finished product.

The Style Studio Team

Posted 6/4/09

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