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Costal Theme Living RoomQuestion:

My husband decided to purchase a new sofa and loveseat in burgundy leather. My old sofa was white duck and he was tired of keeping it clean. Now I am redecorating my living/dining room around the new furniture. I reupholstered two antique Martha Washington chairs in a rich, burgundy and teal plaid to blend with my teal antique rocking chair. I have a coastal theme going on since I live on an island in Savannah, GA.

My dilemma is the floor. I would like a new rug that would go with my sofa and beautiful Ballard shell pillows. The area for the rug would be in the coffee table area in front of the sofas and chairs. The last rug I used was a small 5X7 that I placed on an angle. I would like a traditional look since the room looks like a cozy library. The carpet is an oatmeal colored smooth textured Berber. I like to place a rug over the carpet for color. Which rug would you suggest for the room?

Thank you,

Costal Theme Living RoomAnswer:

Dear Diane,

Ah, to live on an island off the coast of Savannah, what could be better than that!

We would like to suggest our Triana Rug  for a traditional look for your living area. If you are looking for a more relaxed feel, why not try our St. Tropez Rug trimmed out in our Brass fabric or you can have it trimmed in Tuscan Floral for an extra pop of color.

As far as the size goes, you have to make a decision whether the furniture is on the rug or off the rug. Once you decide, you can measure the area and that should determine the size of the rug you need. Please send us pictures of your completed room, as we would love to place it on Style Studio. If you need any further suggestions, please do not hesitate to drop us a line.

The Style Studio Team

Posted 6/30/09

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