Second Floor Landing

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Second Floor LandingQuestion:

Please help me with the attached 40″ x 40″ curved area that is prominently viewed as you come up from the first floor to the second floor. The existing colors in the house are brown, light blue and sea green with a sophisticated ocean theme. Help!! Thanks!


Dear Jamie:

Thank you so much for your interesting Design Dilemma. We feel that you can turn that awkward space into an inviting vignette. We have drawn out two versions of what we think will work in your space.

Our first choice is our Terrific Trio covered with a Burlap Tablecloth. This will give you texture as well as color. We have placed the Firenze Grand Urn filled with large reeds on top to provide height without closing in the space. Lastly, we hung five Patchwork Prints one over the other to add color and interest to the wall.

As an alternative choice we decided to place a Key West Chair in Moss Green with a Couture Pillow (for a pop of color) resting on the seat. Next to the chair we placed a Garden Seat in white with a vase of tall greens/reeds on top to balance the space, and above the chair, three Mirrored Marine Life Prints (only 11” wide) to complete the look.

Whatever you choose, keep it simple and uncluttered for an upscale, sophisticated look. We hope that our ideas have inspired you to create a niche that you will love to show off. Good luck and please send us pictures when complete. We would love to put them on the website!

The Style Studio Team

Posted 4/24/09

First Choice
Ballard Decorating Dilemma Teriffic Trio 1 – Terrific Trio with Burlap Tablecloth
Firenze Grand Urn 2 – Firenze Grand Urn
Patchwork Print 3 – Patchwork Prints

Alternate Choice
Ballard Decorating Dilemma Key West Chair 1 – Key West Chair
Garden Seat 2 – Garden Seat
Mirrored Marine Life Prints 3 – Mirrored Marine Life Prints

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