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Asbury Sofa in Espresso Microfiber
Asbury Sofa in Espresso Microfiber

I am planning to purchase my new sofa from Ballard – the Asbury Sofa in Expresso Microfiber. I have two young children and my husband lays all over my furniture, so I need durabilty, casual style and comfort but want class and quality. I would like an accent chair and am torn between these styles Bradford, Ashford or Colefax. I have been looking at the fabrics of Brayden stripe or Alcott Paisley, but think both of them might lean toward more formal. I would like to keep a brown with green and red accents.

Please let me know what you would suggest. My living can accomodate the sofa and two accent chairs. I have a large leather ottoman acting as the coffee table.


Dear Erika,

Asbury Sofa in Coffee Leather
Asbury Sofa in Coffee Leather

Thank you for submitting your decorating dilemma to our Style Studio. We think the Asbury Sofa will look great in Espresso Microfiber! Microfiber is a durable and resilient fabric, especially with young children. Just be aware that because of the dark color, lighter stains and lint fibers can show up quickly, but vacuuming the surface frequently will keep it fresh and new looking.

We were wondering if you had considered another alternative which is the Asbury Sofa in Coffee Leather. Leather is extremely durable and you can use a damp cloth to clean up any spills. The beauty of leather is the more you use it, the better it looks. Either way, we think the Asbury Sofa will look terrific in your living room.

Since the Asbury Sofa is tufted, you can add visual interest by going with the tight-backed Colefax Arm Chair. The fact that the other chairs have tufted backs is a major problem when using stripes, plaids and some prints. The tufting pulls the pattern out of alignment. They just never look right when tufted.

Colefax Arm Chair in Brayden Stripe
Colefax Arm Chair in Brayden Stripe

We do think that the Brayden Stripe is casual enough to make your living room look less formal. The Alcott Paisley is perhaps a bit too terra cotta rather than red, and we are not sure this is the color you want. As far as the Alcott Paisley on the Colefax Arm Chair, the pattern works well – just make sure it is not too orangey for you. You may want to order swatches before you decide on your fabric.

We also recommend that you have a few Throw Pillows (for the sofa) made in the chair fabric that you choose. This will help pull the pieces together and will create a more casual atmosphere. Another few pillows made from matching one of the solid colors in the chair fabric (perhaps a solid green or red) will help to relax the feel of the room.

We do think you are well on your way to creating a wonderful living space that your entire family can enjoy. We would love to see pictures of your completed room and hope that you give us a chance to place them on our Style Studio for everyone to enjoy. The best of luck and let us know if you need any further information.

The Style Studio Team

Posted 4/24/09

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