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I have inherited a beautiful high boy, but it’s too big for my bedroom. My living room has high ceilings and could take the piece (better scale), but I am hung up on the placement of a typical bedroom piece in my living room. What should I do?

Ruth, Colorado

Louis Arm ChairAnswer:


Dear Ruth:

Thank you for your recent question concerning the placement of your highboy in your living room. We just love the idea of placing furniture in unexpected places. Perhaps you can frame the highboy on either side with matching chairs? We think something like our Square Louis Armchairs would balance the look. If you would like to stay in the traditional genre, you can place a Botanical Print above each of the chairs. How about our Individual Vibrant Botanical Giclée Prints?

One thing you have to remember in placing furniture in unconventional places is to feel confident in your decision. When you place the piece make sure you finish staging the vignette so you are anchoring the piece and making it feel deliberate.

Individual Vibrant Botanical Giclee PrintAnother option is, if your highboy comes in two separate pieces you can store the upper chest, leaving the lower chest in the living room flanked by chairs on either side. A beautiful Decorative Mirror over the top would finish the look.

Whatever you decide to do, just remember that this is your personal space and you should feel great about the decisions you have made. Please take a picture of the finished area, as we would love to show our customers how thinking outside the box can fill a home with personal style.

The Style Studio Team

Posted 4/24/09

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