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Harmonious BedroomQuestion:


I’d be thrilled to get some advice on art and/or accessories for this bedroom. We’re in an earthquake zone and I’ve been very cautious about what to hang over the bed. As a result I think I may have inadvertently mixed styles too much – the Paris Print on one wall seems to be fighting with the squares above the bed.

Any thoughts you have on a more harmonious look would be very much appreciated. Suggestions on any other accessories to invest in would also be great.



Dear Pauline:

Thank you for your recent inquiry to the Style Studio. Our recommendations are simple, quick fixes which should give your bedroom the ambiance you are hoping for.

Harmonious BedroomThe first thing we are suggesting is to paint the wall behind your bed the same purple background color as your duvet. Take one of your shams or the duvet cover to your local paint store and have them match the color on the computer. The painted accent wall will add warmth and help to ground the space.

The two prints over your bed will need to be moved downward. The center of the prints should be approximately 65” from the floor – which should bring it to an average eye level. Next we would like you to move the six drawer chest to the left of the window placing it against the outside wall. You may have to move the print above, placing it approximately 6” to 8” above the chest making sure it is centered. Then move the smaller dresser to the other side of the bed. This should help balance the room. You can place the palm plant in the far corner, next to the side of the small dresser.

We also love your Paris Map print, but understand why you feel it is out of place. This can be rectified by changing the frame to silver and changing the outer mat to a mossy green with a plum color liner. A simple way to incorporate different styles of prints is to frame them in like frames and/or colors. For a finishing touch, add a couple of mossy green pillows on the bed. This will help pull together the harmonious look you are looking for.

Our hope is that we have at least pointed you in the right direction. We do believe these rather minor changes will truly transform your space into a cohesive, warm and restful retreat. Please send us pictures of your completed room, as we would love to add them to our Style Studio site.

The Style Studio Team

Posted 4/6/09

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