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Paris Leather ChairQuestion:

I am looking to purchase a sofa in the Toffee Check fabric from Ballard and would like to pair a set of chairs with it. My question is: Do I go with everything in Toffee Check or do I try to match one of the colors in the check?


Addison ChairAnswer:

Dear Susan:

Thank you so much for your recent question about what chairs to pair with your Toffee Check sofa. Choosing the same fabric as the sofa can be repetitive and “safe”. In the case of the check, we are thinking – too much of a good thing. However, the following chairs are very complimentary with our Toffee Check fabric.

Paris Leather Chairs in Ponderosa Leather are a terrific option. Leather is durable and the longer you have it, the better it looks.

If leather is not your thing, how about our Addison Chairs covered in Etiene or Eloise fabric for a traditional look. If you want a more monochromatic theme the Addison Chairs covered in Off White Quilted would certainly work.

Salon ChairAnd of course, Ballard’s Salon Chair covered in our Ashanti fabric can transform your space into a European style villa.

Keeping the chairs coordinating with the Toffee Check sofa will give your room balance and style. As always, we recommend that you request fabric swatches before purchasing anything. Please send us pictures of your completed room. We love seeing the finished product!

The Style Studio Team

Posted 4/6/09

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