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    Video: How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

    Probably no laundry task is more frustrating than attempting to fold a fitted sheet. Those elasticized edges and the puffy corners they create make…

    How to Care for Velvet

    It’s easy to fall in love with velvet. The classic warmth and rich texture of the irresistible fabric brings a soft touch to its…

  • A guide to monogramming

    Our Guide to Monogramming

    Long Live the Monogram
    The monogram has made its mark throughout history. First appearing carved into coins to mark the reign of Greek and Roman…

    How to Decorate with Side Tables

    Despite their small size, side tables are among the most flexible and functional pieces of furniture around. They’re more than just a place to…

    How To Make a Wall Hanging

    Creating a Wall of Pattern

    In order to hang the fabric to create a wall of pattern, you will need:

    Metal Hooks (WS785) which come in…