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    The Art of Building a Room

    The Art of Building a Room

    You don’t have to be a professional designer to create a beautifully decorated room. A few key decisions at…

    Origins of Crewel

    In and out of style for centuries, crewel is back in favor with our favorite designers—and we couldn’t be more thrilled. The sophisticated embroidered…

    About Suzanne Kasler

    Suzanne Kasler is inspired. As the principal of Atlanta-based Suzanne Kasler Interiors, she often asserts that “a room should be collected, not decorated.” Incorporating…

    Southern Living Idea House 2010

    2010 Southern Living Idea House
    Senoia, Georgia is a small, historic town about an hour south of Atlanta. It is the site of this year’s…

    Suzanne Kasler’s color palette

    Shop Suzanne’s holiday collection | Q&A with Suzanne on the holidays

    Shop Suzanne’s signature collection | Suzanne’s book

    We have received so many requests for the…

    Q&A with Suzanne

    Why did you choose Ballard to help create your premier line of home accessories?

    I’ve never had a chance to create all the accessories and…

    Suzanne Kasler: Spring ’10 Paint Colors

    We have received so many requests for the paint colors used in the Suzanne Kasler House in our Spring catalog that we thought we would give you a list of what was used. We hope these colors inspire you to be creative in your own surroundings.