Podcast, Ep. 329: Budgeting with Molly Basile

designer Molly Basile

This week our guest is S.C.-based interior designer Molly Basile, who brings an enjoyable twist to the often daunting task of home decor budgeting.

Molly is renowned for her fresh, clean, and timeless interior designs. She has collaborated closely with our team at the Mount Pleasant store, recognizing her expertise in tackling budget-related topics. Molly provides valuable insights on budget initiation, prioritizing essential expenses, and obtaining cherished pieces within your financial constraints. Additionally, she shares firsthand observations, including specific figures from her experiences in the field.

A living room designed by Molly Basile Interiors

A living room designed by Molly Basile Interiors

What You’ll Hear This Episode:

  • Molly’s non-traditional path to becoming a designer, and how she made a side hustle her full-time passion.
  • Remember: everyone’s budget is different! Start where you are and what feels comfortable to you.
  • What if you don’t have a budget going in to work with your designer?
  • You have a rough idea of your budget – now where to start?
  • Getting the basics down first such as big furniture items in the rooms before you go to adding custom pieces and additional trinkets.
  • Quality furniture is an investment.
  • Advice for those who love to jump around instead of finishing one room at a time.
  • What is the “typical” budget for upholstering?
  • Tips for choosing paint colors for a new construction home.

Design Studio of Molly Basile

Decorating Dilemma:

Hi ladies!

I love your podcast! Thank you for helping me decorate over the years.  It’s been so fun!

I have two paint questions for y’all: I currently live in a brick Dutch colonial home that is painted white.  We are renovating so are planning to repaint the exterior.  I love the color we have now (BM ivory) but all of our neighbors are now also painted white homes.  Should we consider another color? What color would make the most sense for a Dutch colonial?

My second question is about our library.  We have a library that faces a courtyard but want it to feel like an old English library.  We are planning on painting it green but do not have a color set yet. Are there any green paints y’all have seen that I should try for swatches? If not names, what type of green would you look for?

P.S.: I don’t have a photo of the library since it hasn’t actually been built yet! We are currently under construction. The library will have one wall with 2 windows and a fireplace, one wall of French doors, one wall of bookshelves, and one wall will have lower cabinets only (or a furniture piece) and pocket doors leading into the great room. I’ve attached a pic of my home, however, so you can visualize that!

Thank you again for all of your help!!!



How to Decorate - Decorating DilemmaThanks Emily!

First, don’t change your house color just because everybody else copied you. We all agree that you can keep it white, because we love the warmth and traditional feel that the white exterior brings. Molly notes that you could consider adding some shutters with darker colors if you want to create layering and set yourself apart.

For the green, a more traditional green is where you want to look. One suggestion that Molly had is one from Farrow & Ball. We can’t wait to see the finished library too – be sure to send in pics!

How to Decorate

Also Mentioned in This Episode:

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Happy Decorating!

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