Podcast, Ep. 328: The Residential Architecture of Dr. Stan Dixon

Architect Dr. Stanley Dixon

This week we welcome celebrated architect and true luminary in the field, Dr. Stan Dixon. Stan is known for his timeless and seamlessly integrated classical approach to architecture and has numerous accolades under his belt, including being named one of the ‘New Faces of Southern Style’ by Garden & Gun, and prestigious awards such as the SE Architect of the Year Award by Veranda Magazine.

He discusses his debut book, Home: The Residential Architecture of Dr. Stanley Dixon, and the beautiful way his book not only shows the gorgeous rooms and spaces but really details how people spent their real lives in the house. Stan talks about how to figure out which details to bring into a project, and how it’s all about the relationship between fixtures and the rest of the space.


Home: The Residential Architecture of Dr. Stanley Dixon

Stan’s debut book “Home” is now available at dsdixonarchitect.com

What You’ll Hear This Episode:

  •  The process behind photographing the homes used in Stan’s debut book, Home: The Residential Architecture of Dr. Stanley Dixon.
  • It was a real treat for Stan to go and take a couple of days to photograph each out because he and his team got to see it in a different light.
  • While we can keep it trendy for design, it’s best to keep architecture classic.
  • Stan’s tips for homeowners going through a ground-up renovation.
  • The intersection between design and architecture.
  • How Stan’s book helped give him even more clarity as an architect.
  • Stan talks about thinking in terms of space, and how architects are able to think of the feeling a space will give them while also mapping out the practicality.
  • The fun of floor plans!
  • How growing up in rural Tennessee outside of Nashville influenced Stan’s love of houses and design.
  • Stan talks about life with a wife who is an interior designer.
  • How he got a green Moroccan-themed room done in North Carolina.

A home of Dr. Stanley Dixon's designDecorating Dilemma:

Hi Ballard ladies (and guest)!

I wanted to share a few progress pics of my living area! Still working on pillows… Trying out a new color on the mantel… Ignore the displaced play kitchen behind the sofa; it’s moving to another spot! But the ottoman, stools, and chairs are all reupholstered in solution-dyed acrylic indoor-outdoor fabric!

I also hoped to ask you and your guest’s opinion on lighting options… I recently got a couple pre-loved chandeliers and I’m not sure which I should put where (living room or breakfast nook). I’m trying to incorporate a few more modern elements which has been tricky – I always gravitate to the traditional option! The glass Visual Comfort chandelier was free 😱 and I could give-it-forward if you don’t think it works in either space. Is it too modern?? The bamboo chandelier came with black, gold-lined shades. Both are similar in diameter to the light currently in the living room. The gold lanterns in the kitchen and entry hall are staying.

Your advice is always so helpful! Many, many thanks!



Hey there, Megan!

So when it comes to choosing fixtures, it’s crucial to consider how they interact with the overall aesthetics of your room. As Stan reminds us, it’s all about the relationship between fixtures and the rest of the space. In your case, we would recommend going with the bamboo fixture. It offers a unique contrast to the light fixtures hanging over the island, creating visual interest in the room. To soften the light and enhance the ambiance, consider adding shades to the bamboo fixture. This will not only provide a prettier and more diffused light but also contribute to the overall atmosphere you’re aiming for in your space. Another option is that you don’t need a chandelier, because you may not be able to fully see the TV.

If you need more light, you can add lamps although it looks like you already have enough. We love your layering and also feel that maybe some pattern or colored shades could be fun. Great job and let us know how it goes!

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