Podcast, Ep. 323: How To Choose The Right Paint with Sandie Mazzi

designer Sandie Mazzi

We talk about all things paint with the awesome Atlanta-based designer Sandie Mazzi. With a Master’s in interior design from the Florence Institute of Design in Italy, Sandie honed her skills at prestigious firms like Christopher Maya Inc. before founding S. Mazzi Interiors in Atlanta.

As a principal designer, she brings her vibrant and detail-oriented design approach to life, gaining recognition in leading publications like Atlanta Magazine, Pop Sugar, House Beautiful, and Modern Luxury. In this episode, Sandie gives great tips around paint color, texture and finish, from beautiful creamy whites to a dark and moody vibe.

Sandie Mazzi interior

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  •  The global influence that is evident in Sandie’s portfolio from studying in Italy with other students from around the world, and spending time in New York before heading to Atlanta.
  • Feel like picking a neutral is almost harder than picking a color? You aren’t alone.
  • Tips for knowing what paint color will work best in a space.
  • Advice on picking paint when you have children’s handprints and possibly animal paw prints going on them!
  • The importance of looking at swatches and samples in different lighting, hopefully in the room it’s going to go in.
  • When is the right time to start swatching?
  • Are gray neutrals still a trend?
  • How to pick a shade of white that will look great, and not give off that alarming teeth whitening look.
  • Your new mantra: the higher the sheen, the higher the maintenance.
  • What is the lifespan of a paint job?
  • Rules for painting the ceiling to create that all over look.
  • Does anyone know why we actually paint trim white?!

Decorating Dilemma:

Hey ladies,

I love listening to your podcast and get so much inspiration from you and your guests! I have listened to every episode and as a born and raised Southerner (shout-out to Dothan, AL) living in the Upper Midwest, listening to your podcast not only inspires me but helps me feel closer to my Southern roots.

I have a design dilemma in our family room. It is an odd shaped room, with ceiling beams running across the width of our ceiling. I think we have made good use of the space to maximize seating, but I am having an issue determining what window treatments to use on our windows.

We have 4 sets of 3 windows, and while we love the natural light this brings into the room, it is a pain in the rump when we are trying to watch TV due to the glare. I also don’t feel like the room has a finished look without something on the windows. I think the back windows are an easy fix, but I struggle with our south-facing windows given the placement of the ceiling beam.

Any guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated!!


Tiff Mulder

Hey Tiff,

Thank you so much for writing in!

First, our recommendation is to consider Roman shades for the windows, as they can offer a simple yet effective way to control light and add a decorative touch. Sandie talks about the benefits of different shade options such as neutral patterns, woven shades and honeycomb shades which can soften the harsh sunlight while blending with the room’s aesthetics. She also highlights the convenience of cordless options and the importance of considering factors like privacy, color and lining when choosing the right shades.

We recognize the complexities of finding the perfect shade for your space and the various external factors like HOA regulations and exterior house colors but have faith that you can bring in both functional and stylish pieces!


How to Decorate

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Happy Decorating!

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