Podcast, Ep. 322: The Importance of Comfort (and Accessories!) with Andi Morse

Atlanta-based Designer Andi Morse

Atlanta-based designer Andi Morse is celebrated for her distinctive blend of comfort and elegance, epitomizing the very essence of Southern style. Her remarkable design prowess has been showcased in publications such as Good Housekeeping, the Wall Street Journal, Reader’s Digest, and Southern Living, among others.

Join us as we talk with Andi about the heart of her design philosophy, focusing on two key pillars: family comfort and the art of accessorizing. Discover how these essential elements shape Andi’s design ethos and create spaces that effortlessly harmonize style and soul. Andi gives great tips on entertaining, picking the right texture for your life, and some go-to layouts that provide comfort and livability.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode:

  • How Andi fell into design by happenstance.
  • The power of durable fabrics when you have children.
  • How Andi’s style has evolved over the years, and the inspiration behind her style that she calls “Southern with a California Edge.”
  • What Andi looks for in performance fabrics in both rugs and sofas. For example, Krypton is great with red stains, so if you are a red wine drinker that loves to entertain, this may be the fabric for you.
  • Andi firmly believes that a house can be beautiful, but it should be livable, and that you shouldn’t have to worry every minute about getting dirty and messed up. Embrace the imperfections!
  • A little dish detergent goes a long way on stains and oils – especially blue Dawn.
  • What Andi saw at the July Market here that she is really excited about.
  • Why can it feel bigger for the seating area to actually be smaller and closer together?
  • Some very cute ideas for both children and adult dinner parties.
  • The 80/20 rule of thinking about what pieces and textures you use in your design.

Andi Morse BedroomDecorating Dilemma:

Hi Ladies,

Thank you for your podcast— it’s been so informative! I have a design dilemma to submit: My house was built in the 50s, and has these unusual 72”x24” windows.

We have gutted the whole house and are in the process of wrapping up the final bits of remodeling, but I’m lost as to how to dress these windows. 2” blinds seem to be the best option, but I live in a large city and the house is *very* bright at night.

Ideally I would love some sort of blackout option, but I’m just lost as to what would look best. I’m open to rearranging furniture too, and am still hunting for the right headboard, bedding, etc. so if you have suggestions for the rest of the room, I’d love to hear them!

Thank you,


Decorating Dilemma #1


Thank you so much for writing in!

First, Andi says a strong “no” to the blinds! She suggests two potential solutions for creating a harmonious and visually pleasing look. The first option involves extending the window treatments all the way to the ceiling, effectively camouflaging the space between the top of the window and the crown. This technique creates the illusion of taller windows and seamless integration into the room’s design. The second choice is to opt for inside-mount Roman shades, which would fit within the window frame and eliminate the need to cover the entire wall. Andi emphasizes the importance of carefully coordinating fabric and wall color to achieve a cohesive and subtle aesthetic.

Additionally, Andi discusses the strategic placement of a headboard in the room. She recommends selecting a headboard that is lower than the window to maintain a balanced and intentional look. Andi suggests exploring headboards with unique designs, such as scalloped or rectangular shapes, to add a touch of style and dimension. A lower headboard will also prevent any visual clutter or distraction from the window. She encourages you to consider a full bed for a contemporary and streamlined appearance.

Thanks for listening and happy decorating!

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