Podcast, Ep. 289: Extraordinary Interiors with Suzanne Tucker

Interior Designer Suzanne Tucker

Suzanne Tucker, Interior Designer and Author of Extraordinary Interiors

We welcome the wonderful Suzanne Tucker to the show this week, where she gives us a preview of her third book published last month, Extraordinary Interiors. Suzanne is recognized as one of the country’s leading interior designers, known for her endearing style, attention to detail, and passion for architectural and decorative arts. Suzanne talks with us about many things including the beauty of having a second set of eyes when making interior design decisions, how to put your own stamp on something, and why the bones of a room or space matters first before you start adding the extra things on top of it.

Extraordinary Interiors Book Cover

Extraordinary Interiors by Suzanne Tucker

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • How to put your own stamp on something in a way that gives it your personal touch.
  • The beauty of having a trusted friend and pair of eyes when it comes to design.
  • Why multi pigmented paint is such a great choice, and how it changes a room hour by hour.
  • How bringing in art that you love and feel connected to can tie a room together stylistically.
  • Why should we start with the “bones” and the framework before adding the little touches.
  • How lighting can completely transform a room and is a key component and the three different levels of lighting.
  • Suzanne’s talks about “mouse house” in Santa Barbara and how it gives her a beautiful respite for serenity and peace.
  • More about Suzanne’s new book, Extraordinary Interiors and a few of the special projects featured in it.
  • How we can make modern contemporary still feel warm and layered.

Decorating Dilemma:

Good Morning,

I love listening to your podcast. I enjoy your trials and triumphs. You all have unique personalities, pleasant voices and are humorous. Thank you for bringing joy, a smile and tips in a fun and enjoyable fashion.  I have a remodel just outside Las Vegas. My husband and I settled on mid-century modern style. His style was more industrial/modern/minimalist and mine was more traditional/cottage(y). I must say I do love a 70s vibe.

My first question is for the kitchen. Should we remove 1 cabinet by the stools and add open shelves? If so, 2 or 3 shelves?
The picture includes the back splash tile to be installed. We’d tile up to the ceiling. Thoughts, suggestions?

Our stools are temporary. We have 5 and 7 yr old boys. Right now, I like that the cover comes off and I can wash them. Technically they are bar stools, but work for the kids. Thinking of painting/staining the front door a navy or black color? Thoughts? Replace? Maybe hang a mirror over the telephone seat. Thoughts or suggestions?

This table was my husband’s and I think it’s too small for the space. That’s the original chandelier from 1987 when the house was built. 🤮

Lastly, we don’t know what to place on this dark wall in the dining room. Do we add shelves, artwork, photographs, and/or black and white photos, all the above?

Thank you for taking the time to read my email.



Thank you for writing, and between the slow pitch ceiling, and angled fireplaces, what a beautiful space you have. We all agree that it already has fantastic bones, so brava for that. Suzanne says that she would not worry too much about the door, and you can leave it as is instead of painting it a particularly strong color. As far as the little telephone table, the cute little bench with the navy upholstery, we suggest putting something over it. Possibly a mirror, but if you go that route, be sure to note what exactly it is you are reflecting. If it’s the kitchen, we may want to opt for something else.

If you aren’t feeling the chandelier, don’t worry about tossing it! Remember, someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure.

We love the black wall, and you can paint it black or just change it to a black outlet so it disappears. In that outlet, you can plug in a pair of lamps.

Don’t underestimate the power of having a piece of art in the kitchen. That’s kind of fun. But, Suzanne also thinks the open shelves would be good there.

Thanks so much, and let us know how it goes!

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Happy Decorating!

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