Podcast, Ep 284: Holiday Essentials with Karen Mooney

Ballard Designs President Karen Mooney

Karen Mooney, President of Ballard Designs

We are so excited to have former host Karen Mooney back on the show! On this special holiday episode, Karen gives us an update on her life since becoming President of Ballard Designs, walks us through her new beach house design, shares her favorite holiday Ballard products, and joins Caroline, Taryn, and Liz in giving tips for entertaining, holiday decorating, gift ideas, and more. Also, be sure to check out Ballard Design’s Black Friday Deals while they last!

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • Karen gives us an update of what she’s been up to since becoming President of Ballard.
  • Karen surprises us, and herself, with how colorful she has decorated her beach house.
  • How the podcast has helped Karen expand and embolden her design style.
  • We each offer our best hosting tips.
  • Thanksgiving dinner in the day or the evening?
  • Karen gives us her secret recipe for gravy.
  • How to set the table so it breaks the ice for guests.
  • What are the main parts of the house we decorate for the holidays?
  • How to accent faux decorations with “real” natural elements.
  • Does holiday decor need to match your existing decor or have a theme?
  • We gush over a few of our holiday items available.
  • Which Ballard products make great gifts?

Mentioned in This Episode:

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Happy Decorating!

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Kelley Bostian

Kelley enjoys a light and livable interior design pallet complimented by an insatiable desire to find the next perfect "final touch" antique piece. Here on How to Decorate, it's his goal to help you bring your own unique design vision to life.


  1. Reply

    Joy Springob

    November 26, 2022

    Hi ladies!
    I’ve been listening & learning from you all for a few years. You were an especially bright light during 2020. I followed your advice & the advice of your guests – from all things curtains, the lighting podcast was eye opening, couch/chair placement, too many to list. You all helped me decorate/change/renovate our home so well, we sold it for a great price & am now in a new house that we are slowly but surely decorating to our own personal style. So you definitely have me as an ongoing listener & possibly I’ll be writing in as a dilemma, cause new house, new dilemmas!

    All that to say, this episode was one of my absolute favorites. I loved having Karen back. She and I have similar decorating points of view. Loved hearing about her Florida home, all the color is refreshing because that just screams Florida living. Please bring her back for future episodes so we can keep up with her. I wish I lived in St Pete to be a friend -my daughter lives part time, during Spring Training season, in Sarasota since her husband is an MLB coach. Glad to meet up, as I’m 52 and still haven’t nailed down my bow favorite either.

    I loved hearing about your Ballard favorites, especially the smaller items. I loved hearing that Taryn is the artist, the personalization of items, knowing the story behind them, really makes these so much more appealing and special. At the beginning of my finding your podcast, I had peripherally heard about Ballard but wasn’t familiar with the company. Your podcast spurred my interest and upon checking it out online, I quickly fell in love with all things Ballard! Signed up for the catalog, visited your showroom in Nashville and then found my favorite store in the entire world – The Ballard Outlet in Louisville, Ky. My husband is glad we live 2 hours away.

    Keep up the great content!


    • Reply

      Caroline McDonald

      November 29, 2022

      Thank you so much for this comment and for listening to the show. It makes us so happy to hear that you enjoy listening and are a converted Ballard fan 🙂
      Please do send in your decorating dilemma, and good luck with your new house. What fun!
      Happy decorating,