Podcast, Ep 282 Flower Showhouse: The Primary Bedroom with Cathy Kincaid

Designer Cathy Kincaid

We are back with our special series highlighting the FLOWER magazine showhouse here in Atlanta. This episode features the celebrated Dallas-based interior designer, Cathy Kincaid. Known for her use of color and her exquisite eye for antiques, Cathy talks to us about how no detail is too small, her love of cozy bedrooms, and her tips for creating elegant yet livable designs inside your home. Cathy talks more about different ways to personalize your bedroom including getting clear on how you like your lighting, bed dressings, textiles, and furniture set up.

If you’d like to visit the house in person you can purchase tickets here, and also follow along with the podcast series whether you can see it in person or not!

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • Cathy loves smaller bedrooms and finds them to be super cozy.
  • What was Cathy’s inspiration behind the color choice in the bedroom, other than it being the woman’s domain?
  • The influence of the baby Taj on the bedroom design.
  • Cathy dives more into her choice of fabric and drapery in the bedroom.
  • What are some ways that we can create bedrooms that feel elegant, timeless, and livable?
  • How we can bring more comfort to ourselves in the bedroom, and also make it family-friendly for other partners, children, and of course…our pets.
  • Some ideas if you are like Cathy and want a desk somewhere in your bedroom.
  • Beautiful lighting ideas and how to make your nightstand more functional.
  • Cathy gives some great bed sheet recommendations and is not one to spend her morning stacking a million pillows.
  • What are some classic colors for a bedroom that stand the test of time?

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Happy Decorating!

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