Podcast, Ep. 273: Decorating with Emotion with Anne Hepfer

Interior designer Anne Hepfer's Toronto living room from her new book Mood

Toronto-based interior designer Anne Hepfer joins the podcast to talk about her new book, Mood, plus why her client work is led by emotion. Anne shares her design work is anchored in rooms that make her clients’ feel and how we can all bring more feeling into our spaces.

What You’ll Hear on this Episode:

  • The evolution of Anne’s new book, Mood
  • Her path to writing her book on her own before shopping it to a publisher
  • The format and concept of the book, and all of the heart she poured into the book
  • Why it’s important to uncover your emotional triggers and use them in your decorating
  • Color as a way to evoke emotion in a room, but how to bring emotion into a neutral room too
  • Pattern and why it’s such an inspiration to Anne’s work
  • Why it’s important to consider texture when choosing upholstery items
  • Anne shares the inspiration behind her lake house, which has a totally different feel than her house in the city
  • Anne’s passion for travel and how it refills her design cup
  • Why asking yourself the ‘why’ questions are so important to the design process, whether you’re working with a designer or decorating for yourself
  • Why you should incorporate nostalgia into your spaces
  • The color and spine of her new book

Decorating Dilemmas:

Hi ladies and talented guest! 

We are expanding and creating a walk-in closet off our bedroom, approximately 16×11 feet. I need advice on new flooring – would you do carpet, or a hard surface? I am leaning toward a hard surface, possibly a clean white large tile. There will be a large window in the closet so great natural light facing south. I would also be open to replacing our synthetic 10-year-old carpet with wool. 

Another flooring we have in our home is a blonde/light yellow maple hardwood floor from the hallway. It would be hard to match exactly, but since the bedroom is between the new walk-in closet, we may be able to get away with something similar. 


Diana Elizabeth Steffen 

Diane, Anne suggests a couple of options. First, consider continuing your wood floor into the dressing room to minimize changing floor materials. This would be Anne’s first choice, but as a backup, she suggests using a material called Bolon in white. It’s a woven vinyl flooring similar to a sisal but with easier care. This is something she uses a lot because it’s soft underfoot. We can’t tell if the dressing room has an island, but if it does, you won’t want to use an area rug but rather a wood floor with maybe runners. What a great opportunity though to create a beautiful dressing room!

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Happy Decorating!

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