Podcast, Ep. 239: designer & TV host Jasmine Roth

Designer and TV host Jasmine Roth on the How to Decorate Podcast

Designer Jasmine Roth

We are so excited to welcome Jasmine Roth to the show. Jasmine is a designer, builder, and host of HGTV’s hit shows Hidden Potential and Help! I Wrecked My House. Her new book, House Story, gives an inside look behind the scenes of home renovation with tips, tricks, and step-by-step instructions. Not only does she have an incredible knack for making homes personal, functional, and beautiful, but Jasmine has walked through the fire of her own home renovations. Jasmine shares some of her many tips with us and walks us through how to simplify and demystify the home renovation process.

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • How did Jasmine get started in renovations?
  • How does Jasmine’s book House Story help people find their specific design style?
  • What important lifestyle questions like location and entertaining does Jasmine ask her clients?
  • What are Jasmine’s tips on developing the right floor plan?
  • Why can something simple like moving furniture completely change a room?
  • How to choose flooring and grout… and make it simple!
  • What should we consider when doing a kitchen renovation and how can we use Jasmine’s checklist?
  • What is a “self splash” in a kitchen?
  • How does Jasmine recommend choosing kitchen counters and cabinets?
  • What are Jasmine’s bathroom design and renovation tips?
  • How to bring happy memories and personality into your home design.
  • What gems are in the back of Jasmine’s book?

Mentioned in This Episode:

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Happy Decorating!

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