Podcast, Ep. 233: nursery interiors with Naomi Coe

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Designer Naomi Coe

Our guest today is Southern California-based interior designer Naomi Coe. Naomi’s award-winning firm, Little Crown Interiors, specializes in designing nurseries and children’s rooms. Her book, Your Perfect Nursery, is a step-by-step approach to creating your dream nursery from both a practical and aesthetical approach. Naomi has been featured on Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight, as well as in publications like People, The Wallstreet Journal, and countless more. Naomi chats with us about the importance of walking into a nursery and feeling good, practical placements, safety tips, modern trends, and more!

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • Trials & Triumphs on windows & doors, making decisions, furnace maintenance, making room for the Christmas Tree, AirBnB odors, shower curtains, tubs, and more!
  • How did Naomi get started in nursery and kids’ room design?
  • Naomi’s book, Your Perfect Nursery, was born from a challenge to find one resource.
  • How does Naomi recommend starting the nursery design process?
  • Naomi gives us her top tips for crib, window treatment, and earthquake safety.
  • How to choose the right crib.
  • Naomi’s tips on choosing the right glider or rocker.
  • What should go on or in reach of the changing table?
  • Tips and tricks for arranging and storing kids’ clothing.
  • How to design a room that grows with a child.
  • Why Naomi’s book is the perfect baby shower gift or resource for any new parent.

Decorating Dilemma

Hello (again),

I have been following the Schwartz House, we are pretty much going through the same things.  Our timeline is a little further ahead, so locked into our lumber for an additional $30K (!!!).  Windows just went in 🙂

What would you all recommend for a whole house paint color? We have a 2 – paint option, so ceiling and trim one color, and walls another color.  I have already purchased multiple samples and painted boards, but I don’t know if I should just paint it ALL the same white color, like BM Simply White, Seapearl, or Chantilly Lace? I would like to make it not look so NEW.  Or should I do the trim and ceiling the traditional white-white. It feels like a ginormous decision to make and every room is going to have different natural light….

Thank you, I know this is an impossible question.



Hi (again) Jamie,

First of all, I would say paint the actual walls with the paint samples. It’ll look very different on the wall than it would on a board; especially white paint. I’m personally a big fan of Chantilly Lace, but it’s going to look different in every room and every home. I very much love the painted trim look right now; white walls with slightly darker doors and trim. I think Seapearl or Putty color could be pretty.

Good luck with the new build! You’re already ahead of Taryn in the process!

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Happy Decorating!

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