Podcast, Ep. 213: designer Gray Walker

Designer Gray Walker

Photo: Richard Israel Photography. Designer Gray Walker.

Our guest today is Charlotte-based interior designer, Gray Walker, of Gray Walker Interiors. She’s a 20 year industry veteran known for her feminine design that mixes both modern and antique elements. Her work has been featured in publications such as Traditional Home, House Beautiful, Southern Living, and many more. Gray shares tips on how she manages to create a fresh look while showcasing heirloom pieces, where she makes bold choices, her love of outdoor lighting, and more.

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • When did Gray first know she wanted to be an interior designer?
  • How does Gray begin the discovery process for her clients?
  • How is Gray’s home decorated and what is her current home project?
  • What is Gray’s philosophy and approach to using colors throughout the house?
  • The importance of outdoor lighting.
  • How Gray uses upholstered doors and where to get one.
  • Where does Gray like to take risks in decorating?

Decorating Dilemma

Hello ladies!

I am new to your podcast and can’t get enough! Your interviews are so fun and informative – thank you!

We’re remodeling our Georgian style home and have selected a beautiful quartzite for the kitchen counters and an off-white paint for the cabinets with brass detailing. When you walk into our front door, you see the formal dining space to the left with a clear view into the kitchen, making these spaces separate, yet very much one space visually.  Also, to note, when you walk into our home, you can see directly into our living room, which we recently updated with steel doors/windows that look out to our view, making our home very much transitional in style.

Here’s my dilemma: I’m struggling with the built-ins that you see in the dining room. Because my husband prefers to keep them in-tact, I’m considering using the kitchen quartzite on this counter space and extending the uppers to the ceiling. I’m also planning to paint the cabinet exterior one color and the interior something different, as well as adding glass shelving and interior cabinet lighting. I feel like this is a fine way to update what’s there, but I’d love your thoughts on more creative solutions for this space!

We have a Ballard buffet table on the wall beneath your arch mirror for barware, as well as a length console on the wall opposite the kitchen. With plenty of storage and serving space, I’m just not sure these outdated cabinets are the most functional and visually appealing solution for this space. We have two small boys and look forward to lots of entertaining once this space is complete!

Thank you all so much!!


Hi Bethany,

I think you could do the quartzite countertops like in the kitchen or choose a marble where the stone color pulls from the adjacent room. I would definitely extend the cabinets all the way to the ceiling. In terms of paint, I wouldn’t use 3 colors. For the cabinet exterior would use a different finish of paint, maybe in a high gloss, that matches the wall color. For the inside of the cabinet, I would pull a soft color from the quartzite. You could also change the hardware and go for longer pulls on the uppers and/or consider centering the hardware on the lower cabinets and drawers. I would also mirror the backsplash–like use actual mirrors–that can extend the look you have from your Ballard mirror! You could definitely use some softness like a rug or drapery. The rug should match the interior color of the cabinets. And you need a WAY bigger chandelier. Think massive! Let’s add some lamps on that back buffet, too.

We aren’t sure exactly where you live, but that view! You have a beautiful space. Good luck, Bethany, and we’re so glad you found us!

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Happy Decorating!

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