Podcast, Ep. 124: designer Jade Joyner

Athens, GA designer Jade Joyner of Metal and Petal design firm

Athens based designer Jade Joyner joins the show this week to talk about Metal + Petal, the full service interior design firm that she and her husband own and operate. We hear the inspiration behind Jade’s use of bold yet tasteful patterns and textures, and why she believes sometimes less is more. Jade also gives her advice on where to splurge and where to save, why she loves a good console table, and designing living rooms and kitchens for big families.

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • Where Jade developed an eye for the bold and sculptural pieces we see on her blog and social media
  • Jade’s use of unique silhouettes to create interest in a room
  • Jade’s work with the Alpha Phi sorority to renovate a historic home into a residence for the group of young women
  • Why Jade suggests carrying some aspect of a room’s color all throughout the house, whether it is in an accent piece, paint color, or accessory
  • Don’t be afraid to edit. Jade reminds us that often, less is more.
  • Some of Jade’s tips for using custom tables and sofas in living rooms, and why a great sofa that stands the test of time is one of her top items to splurge on.
  • Hear why Jade loves a beautiful console table, and quite frankly — we agree!
  • Our realization that ranches may be the next big dream home. They are spacious, more affordable, and offer things traditional houses may not.
  • What projects Jade has now, including the Golden Pantry Market where she works with local artisans based in Athens.
  • Behind the scenes of what really goes through a designer’s mind when their home is part of a photoshoot or magazine spread.

Decorating Dilemmas:

My husband had a house built for us last year. It was his design..no he is not an architect! The home has a lot of great features but some hard to deal with features also. #1 is the fireplace in the family room . What can I do with it. I hung this mirror but I don’t think it looks great. I have other issues but I’ll just start with this first.

Thank you


Hi there, and thank you for writing! We would suggest taking off the top panels of the trim, or adding some molding across that whole wall to help give scale to the room. We love the sconces, but the location means that they throw the scale of this paneling way off. Either remove them all together or move them to the outside of the paneling. A great big mirror like our Amiel mirror would be a good choice, but you would have to move the sconces to fit it. Also, painting the area all one color may help it all blend together. Keep us updated!

Hi there!

I had written in before about our then very empty living room and your recommendations were incredibly helpful! At the risk of seeming very needy I’m wondering if I can also have some insights into the family room?

This home is great but I’m finding it difficult to decorate! 

Photos of what we have are below. I know we need to mount a bigger tv once my husband chooses one, a bigger end table in the corner and a larger sitting chair next to the console. My biggest dilemma is the walls and windows!

I’m scared of hanging curtains with the tight corner windows- would that look ok though? Should we get wider art?  

Flank with sconces? I really need help haha, it just looks off to me with too many rectangles! 

Any help would be so appreciated, you guys are the best!!


You have a great base and are a good portion of the way there! Here are the main edits we would make: get bigger art above the sofa, and Jade would love to see some floor lamps on either side of the sofa. Add panels on the windows on either side of the sofa, keep the bamboo shades. A large mirror could add some variation in heights. A bold drapery pattern or some wild pillow patterns could be a great way to add some color without having to make major adjustments. Check out some of the drapery and pillows on Jade’s page.

Show Notes:

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Happy Decorating!

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