Podcast, Ep. 123: designer Brian Patrick Flynn

This week, Brian Patrick Flynn joins us to talk about his career path as a TV producer turned designer, now working on HGTV Dream Home and Urban Oasis. Brian combines his talents as a producer, writer, personality, and designer to create content, change lives, and bring a “it’s okay to not be perfect” vibe to design. Brian also talks with us about the TBS hit series Movie & a Makeover, his Icelandic getaway home, his own production company, Flynnside Out Productions, and his bucket list wedding in Antarctica.

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • Brian’s first dream may have been to be an Art Director on MTV’s The Real World, but life had even bigger and better plans.
  • More about how Brian worked his way to HGTV Dream Home and Urban Oasis.
  • Brian’s Instagram is one of our favorites because of his beautiful production quality and storytelling on the photos and stories.
  • Brian shares the amazing story of getting married in Antarctica, including seals, glaciers, and almost an avalanche.
  • How Brian fell in love with Iceland so much that he decided to purchase space in a Historic Row Flat there, and why he loves the country so much.
  • Tips for making a room comfortable for both men and women, and embracing what Brian refers to as the “soft masculine” of design.
  • The first step to being perfect is deciding it’s perfectly okay to not be. When we embrace our uniqueness and flaws, we realize the character that makes our space beautiful.
  • Brian’s dream celebrity to work with – and we all agree.
  • Where Brian would splurge and be bold such as art and window treatments, and why he tends to stay classic when it comes to sofas.
  • Brian’s home in Georgia, and what it’s like to own a home in the mountains.
  • Why Brian loves a good piece of furniture used out of context, to keep things fresh and playful.

Decorating Dilemma:

Hi ladies!

BIG fan of the show over here, and I’d love you input on my master bedroom. We moved into this 1950’s ranch a few months ago. The master suite was added on several years ago and is huge. The master closet is large enough to house all of our clothes, so we have no need for clothes storage in the bedroom. The area with the Ballard stand up mirror will have some art on the wall beside it. The large baskets beside the Ballard canopy bed are for the pillows at nighttime. The Ballard secretary desk houses paperwork, etc since we don’t have an office. The couch is nice for reading/watching tv, but the corner with the brown recliner stumps me.

  1. What should go in the corner? Seating really isn’t needed. Should it be a bookcase? A makeup vanity? No idea what could occupy that space and be functional.
  2. The bedside tables will obviously be replaced, but I’m not sure what to go with. With a few wood tones already I’m thinking painted? Color suggestions? Also I think they need to be pretty large to stand up to the large bed.

Thank you all SO much! The podcast is such an amazing way to spend a drive or cleaning my kitchen. I respect y’all’s opinions greatly!




Thank you for writing, and we love the bed that you have – that Karen designed! We would recommend anchoring the room with a clear glass lamp that has a simple white shade on it. Add a metal or painted chest next to the bedroom, either in gray or something bold and unexpected. Brian suggests moving the full-length mirror to the window with the wall on it, and adding some art where the dark wooden chest is. Brian likes the idea of taking the dark brown tall boy and putting that below the TV, and putting the TV on the wall. Honor the color of the rug by putting some of the color on the wall, and the rug should go perpendicular to the bed instead of coming out like a runway.

Show Notes:

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Happy Decorating!

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