Podcast, Ep. 120: textile designer Lisa Fine


Textile designer Lisa Fine joins the show this week to talk about how she got into textile design, the path that unfolded after a trip to India, and the top things we should know when working with textiles. Lisa also shares the inspiration behind her new book, Near & Far, and wisdom she has inherited from starting and running her own business. This episode will also support that there is beauty in imperfection, and if you love something you can find a place for it in your home.   

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • How Lisa got into textile design, and why she feels it is such a crucial piece to having a home that is both stylish and comfortable.
  • The travels to India that got Lisa even more passionate about textiles, and also what she loves so much about Persian textiles.
  • A few twists and turns that occurred while Lisa was growing her own business, and how she took them as learning lessons to get even better.
  • Why Lisa loves a hand-printed linen so much, and how it creates a natural yet custom made look.
  • Beauty is in imperfection, so embrace the flaws and know it’s okay to not have things perfectly perfect!
  • Lisa works in homes that range from grand and opulent to refined and simple. Hear how she makes things work for each particular space.
  • Lisa believes if you love something, you can find a place for it in your home.
  • Why we are here for the trend of using one particular pattern to the point where it becomes a neutral.
  • Slipcovers can be a great way to give your couch shape and a streamlined look, but there are certain things you need to know when using them.

Decorating Dilemmas


It’s Sarah here! I have a dilemma that I hope you’ll like because I am desperate for some help!!! We recently relocated and bought a new home- yay for new adventures… and all the insaneness that comes along with it… including having no idea where to put your furniture. Sooo I am in need of help figuring out how to arrange our den. I am really wanting this space to have more living room seating so it can be the main place we live. Something live-able, but still clean and modern-ish. The way it is arranged right now has the dining area in the far end, however, I was thinking of putting the dining table on the other end by where the tv is now, and moving the tv to the end where the dining table is now and create a living space on that end and in front of the fireplace but just not sure on the layout and pieces of furniture for the area. Do you have a suggestion or a whole new idea for the layout?? That would be good too!! The cons of moving the dining area around is that you wouldn’t be able to see tv from kitchen and there isn’t a fixture to hang a light above the table so we would have to add. If you know a good layout with keeping the dining table where it is or switching it around, I would love to hear your thoughts!!! Y’all are so awesome and I LOVE hearing the responses!!!


First, Lisa loves that you want a lot of seating areas, and this space is great for entertaining already! It also seems like putting the dining room near the kitchen would work well, and we either vote for a round table to welcome a break from the square, or put the dining room table in front of the fireplace where the sofa is. Maybe the length of the sofa goes perpendicular to the fireplace, and put the two chairs across from it. A slip to cover the chairs would be a great way to match the sofa and have a theme carry across the room. We would love to sit in front of the fireplace too, so feel free to get creative with your seating in front of it!


Hey ladies!

I have a burning dilemma/debatable topic.

How do I design my fireplace/tv wall? Do I put the TV over the gas fireplace that we are building from scratch? Do I paint the whole fireplace black so the TV blends in? Do I keep it above the fireplace but use an app to power a portrait when “it’s off?”

OR do I put the TV on the side where the bookshelves are going? I’d have to make bookshelves bigger and fireplace walls smaller for it to be symmetrical.

Thank you!!  PS my bookshelves are taped as a mess right now. They are going to have a bold arch on the top even though the tape makes it all look like a window and teeny shelves.

-Caitlin Paradis (Oregon)

We think it’s brilliant the way you have used tape to outline where everything will go, so good use of understanding proportion already! We are okay with the TV in front of the fireplace, and just suggest bringing in more round shapes in your bookshelf accessories to add some softness to the room.

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