Podcast, Episode 111: designer Betsey Mosby

Designer Betsey Mosby joins the podcast to talk classic with a twist

Betsey Mosby, Interior Designer and owner of Betsey Moby Interior Design, pairs the contemporary with the tried and true to create spaces that are traditional with a twist. We caught Betsey while she was in Atlanta on a new client project and talked with her about using pieces you already love, her latest work in Southern Living, and how she helps clients develop a space where they can live their life comfortably and be surrounded in beauty and elegance.

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • Betsey works with clients to use what they already love, and to add new furniture and accessories that will stand the test of time.
  • Betsey is all about helping clients develop a space where they can live comfortably in an environment that suits their particular lifestyle.
  • Betsey took an unconventional path to design, but her background as a CPA helped her in the business and entrepreneurial side of things.
  • Your best advertisement is your last client.
  • When Betsey starts a room at a showhouse, it is her to her truest form.
  • Why a good power wash can have performance furniture and rugs looking just like new.
  • Embrace where you are at every stage of design.
  • We can make our own rules when it comes to creating new places for guests to sit and be comfortable while entertaining.
  • Hanging art on the headboard is a new way to make the space interesting.
  • Monograms are a way to add a classy touch to soft goods such as towels and linens.
  • Betsey’s use of lattice in a room to create a warm yet polished look.
  • More about the Southern Idea Living House.

Decorating Dilemma

I love your podcast and appreciate you creating such professional, helpful and entertaining content!!

My husband and four young children live in our 1940s ranch home that we have renovated a number of times. In our latest renovation, we took out some walls and made a bigger kitchen. This required us to open up the only blank wall that existed in our small living room. Now this already small room (approx. 20×17) has way too many openings so a furniture plan has alluded me for over a year.

The two small set of French doors on either side of the fireplace go into an office. The other set go down a hallway to where the bedrooms are. We are planning on buying all new furniture for this space but I am paralyzed until I can figure out the layout. Nothing is sacred and we are open to any suggestions. I don’t love the tv over the mantel but couldn’t figure out a better option.

We spend a lot of time in this room so it needs to be comfortable but also I want it to be pretty. The front door opens right into this room and so another hurtle is not having a foyer. I have listened to a number of the podcast and have learned enough to know that I need to know what we will use this room for (tv, games and entertaining) and that we need to start with a good layout before we buy anything (help needed here). It is important that all 6 of my family members to be able to sit comfortably and watch a movie.

I used and loved the Ballard Room Planner and came up with two plans using Ballard furniture that I liked. My two plans so far: One, two of the Suzanne Kasler Mathis apartment sofas flanking the fireplace with two smaller chairs opening up the flow to the kitchen. My concern with this flow is no foyer and the room might not be wide enough even with two small apartment sofas. Two, the Roswell sectional with a console behind it to make a faux foyer but blocking the flow. I am concerned that the sectional will be too big for this small room. I’m not married to either of these layouts if there is a better option! Again, I would love help with a layout and also what to do with the blank wall you see right when you walk in. Is it important to make a faux foyer or not? Thank you so much!!!


Hi, Taryn’s sister! We like the idea of the console table to create an entry and are wondering if we could possibly back the sofa up by the console table with a few chairs. Two chairs facing each other and two others that tuck in can be cute to fit everyone for a movie and also give it a formal look. Check out some of our Ballard Ottomans, which is a great option for both kid movie lounging and storage. We love green, and it looks like the kitchen is beautiful. Great job painting the fireplace too!

Show Notes:

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Happy Decorating!

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