Podcast, Episode 76: Tilton Fenwick’s Anne Maxwell Foster & Suysel dePedro Cunnigham

This week on the show, we’ve got design duo Anne Maxwell Foster and Suysel dePedro Cunningham of the design firm Tilton Fenwick. This pattern powerhouse is known for mixing prints and the bold color palettes they work into their clients’ homes. In addition to their wallpaper and fabric lines, they’re moms, masters of collaboration, and big Ballard fans! 

Farmhouse kitchen in upstate New York designed by Tilton Fenwick

What You’ll Hear on the Show:

  • Why their partnership makes their designs stronger
  • How Anne and Suysel met and what sparked their initial creative projects
  • We talk about their fabric collections for Duralee and what inspires their prints
  • Anne and Suysel tell us about their most recent Duralee collection, inspired by a trip to Portugal
  • We talk about the design process of their patterns
  • Why surprising color palettes are their favorite way to refresh vintage prints
  • Why using a textile collection book can help you if you’re intimidated by the volume of fabrics at a design center
  • How they mix patterns together and why fabrics are a great place to start
  • We talk about their own homes and how often they’re changing things around
  • What they learned about their fabric collections and how it changed the direction of their second collection

Decorating Dilemmas:

Hello ladies! I love the podcast and have really enjoyed listening over the last several months since I discovered it!  

My husband and I (and 2 small children) moved to Athens, GA a year ago from Atlanta. I’m finally feeling settled in our home, but there are still a handful of “areas” I’m trying to decide the best route to take decorating-wise.

Our house was built in the 1920s and while it’s been renovated, storage areas are still an opportunity. The pictures I sent are of the main dining area of the home, which is open/visible to the kitchen and front living space. Right now, I don’t have any storage in this room. I’ve thought about corner shelves, but they would cause me to have to take down the large mirrors that I have hanging on either side of the window, and I love these mirrors!

The thought occurred to me that I might be able to get 2 smaller chests/buffets and put one under each of the mirrors. This way I would have some storage and I think it would make this room look more complete. 

My questions are:

1) Do you think the idea of 2 chests is a good idea? If not, what thoughts do you have on a piece (or pieces) of furniture for this room?

2) If I did get 2 chests, what type/finish do you think would be best. I love dark wood and have some antique wood pieces scattered throughout the house, or do you think something painted or potentially more modern would look better? You can get a glimpse from my living room in the pictures that I love color.

Any recommendations or help would be great!


Mary Catherine


Suysel suggests two narrow skirted tables under your mirrors. She feels like you need more fabrics in this space, so the skirted tables are a great options. A print or even a burlap would work perfectly. Maybe add two tiny lamps on top of the etageres.

Anne suggests getting a larger sisal for under your hide rug. It’ll make your space feel larger and your chairs won’t fall off the rug when you pull them out.

Your chandelier may be hung a little too high. Consider lowering it if you can to about 30-36 inches from the top of your table to the bottom of your chandelier.

Show Notes:

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Happy Decorating!

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